Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Come and spread the love

Playing music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire love for good causes............

That's what my life is all about and I would not change a single second of it.

3.19am - the studio is set up and ready for the day.  I will kick off the live broadcasts for the day at Radio CRMK at 6am when this will be the opening track.

I had that track playing over the studio speakers as I set everything up, I just could not help myself - I had to dance.

I hope you will dance with me this morning 6am to 8am UK time www.crmk.co.uk as I play music to inspire love for Ronald McDonald Houses round the world.

The PODCAST will be available from 9.30am (ish) UK time onwards.

That's in the playlist...

I am nervous, not about presenting the show, this will be my 90th broadcast since joining this fantastic radio station, but nervous about my audience figures.  

The Sun Never Sets On Ronald McDonald and so I am hoping with every finger, toe, nostril and ear lobe crossed that I have a wide international audience.

In setting up the studio the first thing I did on arrival at stupid o'clock was to put this letter on to the wall. A letter of thanks from The Food Bank to my colleagues and fellow presenters for their support for the work done by The Food Bank.

I need to go to their warehouse to deliver a load of gifts of love collected by West Bletchley Community Centre, inspired by our music.

I spent yesterday afternoon at University Hospital Milton Keynes taking part in the management's ward review programme. What an honour that was. As soon as I have
finished broadcasting, returned home, published the podcast I will be typing up my notes from the review.

We reviewed the stroke ward and the renal ward.  I love the NHS, what a wonderful experience yesterday was as I saw the incredible work staff do.

Following a chat with Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter yesterday I am now ready to roll out our RADIO DISCO which is happening as a post match celebration for the 24 hour football marathon being run to support the amazing work done by the Winter Night Shelter.

My friend and fellow DJ here on CRMK, Josh,  is playing, I will be watching and plan to be at the game for the full 24 hours. We will hen both take a little rest before coming into the studio to broadcast.

One thing is certain and that is throughout both the football and the RADIO DISCO we will be rolling out a giant barrel of fun.

Damon, the organiser of the football marathon will be in the studio one week today to tell everyone about this amazing event.

To add your support to Josh playing football or to us both playing the music please go to the RADIO DISCO page and send your love direct to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Quickly glancing at the playlist for this morning's show I see I have dropped a clanger. That Roll Out The Barrel song is in there twice. You know what ?  I am going to play it twice - let's have a double barrel of fun.


Today's show is all about the work done by Ronald McDonald Houses all the way round the world.

Next Wednesday Damon is joining us to talk about the football and Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Then on 20th March the show will be dedicated to The Food Bank celebrating its annual conference.

I have an e-mail from the hospital seeking to arrange a spot for someone to come on a show and chat.

I broadcast five shows a week on Radio CRMK, all have the
same mission TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES, Wednesday's show is where I target a specific good cause. Today that cause is RONALD McDONALD HOUSES all round the world.

Do join me and let's have FUN. www.crmk.co.uk

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