Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Ban Invites You To A Party

Ben, of course, is our music mascot - everywhere we play our music Ben is there smiling.

We play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire love for good causes.

We play music on the radio, on YouTube, on our website, on this daily blog and in the community.

Ben wants to invite you to a RADIO DISCO PARTY.

Happy, smiling people read on, find out more then accept Ben's invitation. Sad, miserable people please re-tune to RADIO BORING.

If you follow the link to RADIO DISCO on our website there is
something which is wrong ! I have to update the whole page later today.

It says the disco starts at 11pm on Sunday 10th March - that's correct BUT the finish time of 10am on Monday 11th March is WONG !  CRMK Programme Controller Mike has agreed to an extension, the party will now continue until 1pm so rocking and rolling for FOURTEEN HOURS.

If you are reading this blog page - if you have been directed to this link then BEN IS INVITING YOU TO COME ALONG AND DANCE...

You can listen live between 11pm SUNDAY 10th March to 1pm MONDAY 11th March - simply go to

I plan to break the show down into two hour PODCASTS and publish them throughout the party.

I will bathe both the inside and the outside of the studio in disco lights.  I will be dancing so why don't you come along and dance with me ?

Ben and I will be waiting for you.

I have the playlist written with 115 tracks but that will only take the party up to 10am. I need another 100 to fill the new time. I'll get on to that today.

There will be a DISCO TUCK SHOP for you to enjoy with the music.

The tuck shop will be FREE....

Well sort of !

Help yourself then if you are enjoying the music you can throw a few coins into a bucket for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

The RADIO DISCO is a post match party from the 24 Hour Football Game being run to help the work of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

I will be at the game for the full 24 hours, I'll grab a bit of sleep then drive up to the studio for the disco.  I'll not be sitting on my backside for 14 hours - I WILL BE DANCING.

We have some super spot prizes, three given to us by EDDIE THE EAGLE and a picture painted by a homeless young lady.

I have put all of the shows on Radio CRMK into a hat, during the party I will be pulling out names with presenters winning the prizes.


Ben wants you to come and join us. TRUE you can listen to the show broadcast live around the world BUT why not come
and join Ben and I in the studio ? If you are one of my listeners around the world just jump on an an aircraft to England and I'll send someone to come and pick you up,

Come and dance with us.

There has never before been a disco party the like of which I am planning so come along.


I must today update the website but the location of our studio is there: RADIO DISCO CLICK HERE

Ben will roll out the red carpet for you.

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