Friday, 22 February 2019

Amazing week - AMAZING MUSIC

Where to begin....


Our music inspired love for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham to help care for families with a child sing in hospital.

£720 of LOVE

Among my souvenirs I now have this small plastic tube. Kindly donated to me by Thames Valley Police after officers put a tick in their box by stopping me for a random breath test. They have to put a target number of ticks in a target number of boxes during a night shift. I was negative of course. Pity the police do not have boxes to tick  when it comes to arresting some of those responsible for evil in our city.

So what's happening this coming week ?

What's loaded into the barrel of fun ?

Let's roll it out........

The Eternal Teenager will be joining me for Monday's show. MONDAY - MORNING - MUSIC - MEGA - MIX.

Like me he is tee-total so the cops can waste not one but TWO plastic tubes as we drive to the studio.
Josh drinks coffee, I have go to teach him you do not boil a kettle in the studio when I have the microphone open so adding some interesting sound effects to the music !

Here's something from Monday's playlist.

I started writing this blog page in December 2016, It had been my hope we would achieve 100k visitors by Christmas last year. That did not happen. I am wondering if it is worth spending two hours a day writing the page given the readership has fallen.  Let's see what today brings.

In the novel I am currently working on ELVIS PRESLEY is a character. On Tuesday MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION will have Elvis Presley's LP BLUE HAWAII as the featured album. This was actually the second LP record I spent my pocket money on as a kid.

At the point in the story I am currently writing the central character has a new girlfriend. When she asks him what his favourite track from the album is he says this................

We are trying - trying and failing - to generate some income to cover the costs of playing our music.

Morrissons are currently selling giant tubs of sweets for £3, we could do with TEN to hand out little treats when we take the music out into the community.

One of the ways we would like to generate an income is selling my books. Last week we sold ONE and made £1.14p !

This week's featured book is THE DIARY OF BILLY HARDCASTLE - cost you £1.99 for an e-book copy.

All of my books have music in them.  This appears in Billy's Diary.

Following the music inspiring friends last week to donate £720 to Ronald McDonald House, on WEDNESDAY we are having a special edition of LET'S INSPIRE with the sub title of THE SUN NEVER SETS ON RONALD McDONALD.

Here's something from Wednesday's show................

And something else...............

I've had a BRILLIANT idea....

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is open to all GOOD CAUSES with Ronald McDonald House Birmingham as the LEAD CAUSE.

How about we have a MILTON KEYNES PEARLY KING AND QUEEN at the day ?

I know where we can get the costumes from and I think I know where we can find the people to fill them.

We have a fire eater coming to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

He wants to come onto the radio as a guest. We do have the studio's fire certificate up to date don't we ?

Thursday's show - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS is a bit
in the melting pot at the moment.  Amazon, don't you love to hate them, is being tardy delivering a CD of Jeff Wayne's War of The World. If it arrives on time this week's show will be War Of The World.

If Amazon screws up this show will be postponed by a week with BEAUTIFUL MUSIC FOR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC taking its place.

This picture was taken when we attended Armistice Day last year. On the left is ANDY with NIGEL on the right.

ANDY is an amazing friend of our music. He keeps giving us some wonderful things to sell at our car boot sales. We have not been to a boot sale over the winter, we need to start up again.  Lisa has been trying to sell things on-line.

Yesterday Andy brought something amazing to sell.  I think today I need to set up THE OLD SQUARE RECORD SHOP again on the website.... www, 

Pictured with Andy in the picture is Nigel, I am right thinking you used to be a Country Music DJ Nigel ?

I like country music but have to confess I do not understand it.  NIGEL I NEED YOU TO TEACH ME.

In the book I am currently writing the central character has to present a country music show on Golden Gate Radio - he does not have a clue what he is doing !

Music From My Vinyl Collection the week after next will feature two country music albums - one from Jim Reeves and one from Tammy Wynette.

On Friday our time machine will be going back to the year of 1977 as I play the Top Thirty from 1st March 1977. This was at number ten that day.

Not going to tell you what was at number one but this was number two....

The Eternal  Teenager will be co-presenting the show with me.

1st March 1977 - I was 26 years old. 

He was MINUS 24 !

We are both growing our hair for a sponsored haircut on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I would like to do a show featuring HAIR but while the story is powerful there is not all that much good music in it. This is GREAT.....

Before the haircut Josh will be taking part in a 24 hour sponsored football game for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. I am not playing but I will be there. THEN we will both be presenting an overnight RADIO DISCO to celebrate the football and add more support to the amazing work being done by Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Mrs Josh says she will be in bed taking part in a SPONSORED SLEEP.

Time now for you to sponsor us both. CLICK HERE

Obviously this will be the first track we will be playing.....

So that's what's happening this week.  Last week was AMAZING so we have a lot to live up to.


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