Monday, 4 February 2019

AMAZING people

I need a secretary !

Each time I open my e-mail I do so with trepidation.  NOT with fear and trepidation but with EXCITEMENT and trepidation. There is always more in there than I can cope with. e-mails from AMAZING PEOPLE,

NO don't stop them e-mails coming. Either I will find myself a secretary or I'll cut another hour out of my sleep time in bed.

Let's have something from today's radio show playlist.

One of the e-mails I received yesterday was from Freemasonry In The Community, I was pleased to help promote the work of this organisation last month. The e-mail told of a donation made to a charity SCOTTY'S LITTLE SOLDIERS.  My wife, Maureen was sitting next to me when I opened the e-mail. That's a lovely cause, she said when she saw the message.

Freemasonry's Grand Union Lodge recently presented a
cheque for £1,500 to SCOTTY'S LITTLE SOLDIERS. This is a charity dedicated to supporting children and young people who have lost a parent whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

Inspired by the experience of army widow Nikki Scott following the death of her husband Corporal Lee Scott in Afghanistan in 2009, the charity is currently providing assistance to hundreds of bereaved Forces children around the UK.

When I received the e-mail I decided to include it in today's radio programme. I'll be live at 6am, 6am to 8am, The PODCAST will be available from around 9am. I then thought I would precis the e-mail for today's blog but reading it the very last line told me not to do that but to share it all word for word.

Support offered to children includes fun activities such as holiday breaks and group events, personal development assistance through educational grants and access to
professional bereavement counselling.

Nikki and Lee have four children so Nikki saw first-hand the effect of a loved none can have on a child. It was on a family holiday some nine months after Lee was killed that Nikki saw her five year old son Kai laugh and smile for the first time.

Nikki realised there must be many more children who had also lost a parent serving in the British Armed Forces who had not had the opportunity to smile again.

Now here is the line from the e-mail that made me include the full press release rather than precis it.

Nikki decided to set up the charity SCOTTY'S LITTLE SOLDIERS to do just that, to help children SMILE.

We play music anywhere and everywhere we can TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND TO SUPPORT GOOD CAUSES. Please click here and visit the GOOD CAUSES page on our website.

NO I do not need a secretary.

What WE need, WE as the SUNSHINE MILE CREW need is someone who will become our GOOD CAUSES CO-ORDINATOR, to reach out to more and more amazing people to offer our music to support what they are doing and to make people smile ?  COULD YOU BE THAT PERSON ?  e-mail me: 

We have two major projects currently happening. Projects where we will be playing music to help people smile and be happy as we seek to inspire support for good causes.

LISA is currently doing an amazing job setting up SUNSHINE SMILE DAY which is happening on SUNDAY 19th May. We need to get the message out there so more and more good causes can be involved. More and more people can smile. We need that Good causes Co-ordinator in the team.

One of the e-mails waiting for my attention is from our Mayor's PA confirming he will be attending Sunshine Smile Day.

Don't click the picture CLICK HERE

We need now to get the message out there and have people sponsor tracks in the RADIO DISCO to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.


One of those e-mails waiting for my attention is from EDDIE
THE EAGLE. He's a fantastic man. He is signing a DVD of his film to use as a spot price at the RADIO DISCO.

All I did was make a joke last Friday that I had Eddie The Eagle pushing me through the snow on the way to the radio station. Now this amazing man is going to give us his autograph on a DVD to help Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Yesterday evening Maureen was watching TV while I was working on the laptop. Suddenly she she nudged me - LOOK.

In an edition of Midsummer Murders was John.

It was actor John Standing - real name Sir John Leon. A facebook friend, a LEONITE and an all round good guy.

EAGLE ? Here's a track from The Eagles.

So we have EDDIE THE EAGLE autographing a DVD for the
Radio Disco. John starred in the film THE EAGLE HAS LANDED,

John would you sign a copy of THE EAGLE HAS LANDED ?

Two Eagles.

On the playlist for today's show is the theme from WHERE EAGLES DARE.

As a teenager I went to the premier of that film. If I were to get a DVD of it and The Geriatric DJ were to autograph it we would have THREE EAGLES.

If we could find a Good Causes Co-ordinator I wonder how many more EAGLES there are out there waiting for our smile.

Well it's 5.24am. Time for breakfast then I'd better get ready for today's show. Do listen please:  PODCAST will be ready round about 9am.

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