Thursday, 28 February 2019

I am going to mug you

How do you fancy being mugged ?

I will mug you and empty your pockets of your loose change.

NOTE I say CHANGE and not coins.

Come along to the 24 hour football and put some CHANGE into my bucket for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

If you do that then I will let you take a selfie with the trophy.

Did you by any chance read yesterday's blog  page ?

CLICK HERE and check it out.

This today is my 761st blog page since I started writing at the end of 2016.

CLICK HERE PLEASE and read a blog I wrote on Sunday 12th February 2017. That page only attracted 10 readers.

I knew nothing then about the problems of being homeless. I had never spoken to a homeless person.

How things have changed !

When I wrote that blog more than two years ago I did know what I was talking about. I know now exactly what I am talking about. What I wrote then stands but now I would bring in LOVE.

Our government is INCOMPETENT, Full stop ! Few would disagree with that. Totally incompetent in everything is does.

In competent when it comes to showing love towards the most vulnerable people in our society.

Local authorities are nothing more than miserable failures.

I do not believe that members of the public are miserable failures. Society is but individuals are not. I know
for certain that the plight of our homeless friends is something most people will support.

So bring your CHANGE - change of love NOT coins to my bucket and throw them in.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Ban Invites You To A Party

Ben, of course, is our music mascot - everywhere we play our music Ben is there smiling.

We play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire love for good causes.

We play music on the radio, on YouTube, on our website, on this daily blog and in the community.

Ben wants to invite you to a RADIO DISCO PARTY.

Happy, smiling people read on, find out more then accept Ben's invitation. Sad, miserable people please re-tune to RADIO BORING.

If you follow the link to RADIO DISCO on our website there is
something which is wrong ! I have to update the whole page later today.

It says the disco starts at 11pm on Sunday 10th March - that's correct BUT the finish time of 10am on Monday 11th March is WONG !  CRMK Programme Controller Mike has agreed to an extension, the party will now continue until 1pm so rocking and rolling for FOURTEEN HOURS.

If you are reading this blog page - if you have been directed to this link then BEN IS INVITING YOU TO COME ALONG AND DANCE...

You can listen live between 11pm SUNDAY 10th March to 1pm MONDAY 11th March - simply go to

I plan to break the show down into two hour PODCASTS and publish them throughout the party.

I will bathe both the inside and the outside of the studio in disco lights.  I will be dancing so why don't you come along and dance with me ?

Ben and I will be waiting for you.

I have the playlist written with 115 tracks but that will only take the party up to 10am. I need another 100 to fill the new time. I'll get on to that today.

There will be a DISCO TUCK SHOP for you to enjoy with the music.

The tuck shop will be FREE....

Well sort of !

Help yourself then if you are enjoying the music you can throw a few coins into a bucket for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

The RADIO DISCO is a post match party from the 24 Hour Football Game being run to help the work of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

I will be at the game for the full 24 hours, I'll grab a bit of sleep then drive up to the studio for the disco.  I'll not be sitting on my backside for 14 hours - I WILL BE DANCING.

We have some super spot prizes, three given to us by EDDIE THE EAGLE and a picture painted by a homeless young lady.

I have put all of the shows on Radio CRMK into a hat, during the party I will be pulling out names with presenters winning the prizes.


Ben wants you to come and join us. TRUE you can listen to the show broadcast live around the world BUT why not come
and join Ben and I in the studio ? If you are one of my listeners around the world just jump on an an aircraft to England and I'll send someone to come and pick you up,

Come and dance with us.

There has never before been a disco party the like of which I am planning so come along.


I must today update the website but the location of our studio is there: RADIO DISCO CLICK HERE

Ben will roll out the red carpet for you.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Come and spread the love

Playing music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire love for good causes............

That's what my life is all about and I would not change a single second of it.

3.19am - the studio is set up and ready for the day.  I will kick off the live broadcasts for the day at Radio CRMK at 6am when this will be the opening track.

I had that track playing over the studio speakers as I set everything up, I just could not help myself - I had to dance.

I hope you will dance with me this morning 6am to 8am UK time as I play music to inspire love for Ronald McDonald Houses round the world.

The PODCAST will be available from 9.30am (ish) UK time onwards.

That's in the playlist...

I am nervous, not about presenting the show, this will be my 90th broadcast since joining this fantastic radio station, but nervous about my audience figures.  

The Sun Never Sets On Ronald McDonald and so I am hoping with every finger, toe, nostril and ear lobe crossed that I have a wide international audience.

In setting up the studio the first thing I did on arrival at stupid o'clock was to put this letter on to the wall. A letter of thanks from The Food Bank to my colleagues and fellow presenters for their support for the work done by The Food Bank.

I need to go to their warehouse to deliver a load of gifts of love collected by West Bletchley Community Centre, inspired by our music.

I spent yesterday afternoon at University Hospital Milton Keynes taking part in the management's ward review programme. What an honour that was. As soon as I have
finished broadcasting, returned home, published the podcast I will be typing up my notes from the review.

We reviewed the stroke ward and the renal ward.  I love the NHS, what a wonderful experience yesterday was as I saw the incredible work staff do.

Following a chat with Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter yesterday I am now ready to roll out our RADIO DISCO which is happening as a post match celebration for the 24 hour football marathon being run to support the amazing work done by the Winter Night Shelter.

My friend and fellow DJ here on CRMK, Josh,  is playing, I will be watching and plan to be at the game for the full 24 hours. We will hen both take a little rest before coming into the studio to broadcast.

One thing is certain and that is throughout both the football and the RADIO DISCO we will be rolling out a giant barrel of fun.

Damon, the organiser of the football marathon will be in the studio one week today to tell everyone about this amazing event.

To add your support to Josh playing football or to us both playing the music please go to the RADIO DISCO page and send your love direct to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Quickly glancing at the playlist for this morning's show I see I have dropped a clanger. That Roll Out The Barrel song is in there twice. You know what ?  I am going to play it twice - let's have a double barrel of fun.


Today's show is all about the work done by Ronald McDonald Houses all the way round the world.

Next Wednesday Damon is joining us to talk about the football and Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Then on 20th March the show will be dedicated to The Food Bank celebrating its annual conference.

I have an e-mail from the hospital seeking to arrange a spot for someone to come on a show and chat.

I broadcast five shows a week on Radio CRMK, all have the
same mission TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE BE HAPPY AND TO INSPIRE LOVE FOR GOOD CAUSES, Wednesday's show is where I target a specific good cause. Today that cause is RONALD McDONALD HOUSES all round the world.

Do join me and let's have FUN.

Monday, 25 February 2019

The Sun Never Sets On Ronald McDonald

My family was among the first to benefit from the very first Ronald McDonald House in Britain.

Worldwide there are 365 Ronald McDonald Houses in 64 different countries and territories.


Tomorrow between 6am and 8am UK TIME my radio broadcast will be a tribute to the work of Ronald around the world.

I will be paying tribute to the work done by Ronald McDonald House Charities and playing some fun music for their families.

To listen simply go to  The PODCAST will be on-line round about 9.30am UK time. I would invite all within Ronald McDonald House Charities to use the
PODCAST as something to be given to supporters as a THANK YOU and an encouragement towards future support.

Ronald McDonald Houses provide accommodation for families who have a child sick in hospital.  It is hard for any family to have a child sick in hospital but when that child needs specialist treatment in a hospital far from home life is very hard. Providing accommodation and love Ronald
McDonald keeps the family together.

So PLEASE try to listen to tomorrow's show - 6am to 8am UK time - with the PODCAST being available from 9.30am (ish) UK time.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Chart Topping Teachers

I have broken my toe !

Does it hurt ?

Yep but I don't have time for that stuff !

The problem is a busted toe makes dancing a bit hard.

Horrible picture aint it !

I thought I would indulge myself with a bit of music - FOOT TAPPER by The Shadows.

This is URSUS - Ursus the bear and the badge of the secondary school I attended as a teenager - Boldmere High School for Boys in The Royal Borough of Sutton Coldfield.

If you look carefully at the arrogant young sod in the picture below you can see Ursus and the school badge on my blazer pocket.

I have recently joined a Facebook group for my old school and have been having a lot of fun delving back into my schoolboy memories, all inspired by that facebook group.

I am writing today's blog page specifically for members of that Boldmere Facebook Group but also, a bit sneaky like for my own former students.  I am calling this edition CHART TOPPING TEACHERS.

The Headmaster at Boldmere was Mr W A Simson or WAS.

WAS ran the school with a rod of iron, no - make that a rod of bamboo !

It was a time when lads like us wore tight fitting trousers, some people called them "drainpipe trousers". These days my wife will insist on buying
me "skinny jeans", I think I must be only OAP who wears skinny jeans. WAS used to wear trousers with enormous bottoms. We would  say that you could hear him coming along the corridor with the SWISH-SWISH of his trousers. 

So what should I play in the CHART TOPPING TEACHERS for Mr William Arthur Simson - WAS ?

It has to be this doesn't it !

We boys used to write using blue ink in a fountain pen, the Biro or ballpoint pen was banned at Boldmere.  Teachers would write in red ink when correcting our work. WAS always wrote using green ink.

There was a marking code devised by WAS within which a teacher could write PSM. 

PSM = Please See Me but we lads all knew it meant PLEASE SLIPPER ME.

I think WAS invented flare trousers. Here I am wearing mine at a music event last year. With me is one of my former students Rachel who is looking astonished at my bra. I hasten to explain it was a music event to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Now let me play this and ask former pupils at Boldmere who they think this should be dedicated to...

Mr D C Wild - Derek Colin Wild - WILD BY NAME AND WILD BY NATURE - deputy headmaster. Mr Wild taught me
English and Music. He was inspirational and responsible for my life-long love of music. It was his English classes that inspired me to write and gave birth to my persona Max Robinson, the author.

I did not like school, at times I hated it. One thing is certain, I could not wait to leave.

This was the most important piece of music during my career at Boldmere High School For Boys.

It was sung at the leavers assembly in July 1967. I walked out of the school, made a very rude gesture and began my life in the adult world.  I joined a management training scheme at Lewis's Department Store in Birmingham, the story of which is told in my TEENAGE AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

Who remembers Mrs Steel ?  Granny Steel ? Until Mrs Perkins came along to teach English Granny Steel was the only woman teacher at Boldmere. Granny this is for you.....

Can't wait for Christmas so I can play that on the radio for Mrs Steele.

Am I wearing flares in this picture ?  Can't quite see. I tell you I would have been happy to have had Granny Steel in my team when I was a Head of Year at Leon.

I would not under any circumstances have given  a job to the guy who taught art when I first joined Boldmere but I would welcome Mr Pugh who taught art in the fifth form, even if I did fail O Level.  This is for Mr Pugh.

Not sung here by Mick and his friends but a group by the name of COILBACK featuring Steve, one of my former
students.  Still in contact with Steve, I hope you liked that. I often play it on the radio.

Boldmere lads will be wondering why with the lead picture of my toe I have not yet spoken about Mr Torode. OK, let's play this for him.

Mr Torode taught French. He was a young man, mid twenties I guess. He had one of his toes amputated, he said it was
because he had worn winkle picker shoes.

The weird thing about Mr Torode was the fact that his amputated toe was preserved in a jar which he used to keep on his desk and take delight in passing it round the class for we boys to admire !

Who remembers Mr Tuckley ?  Tiny Tim Tuckley and his two catch phrases:  PACKING UP TIME and I'LL MELT YOU DOWN BOY !

Those who do will understand why this has to be his chart topping teacher theme...

In the mid 1970's I helped a friend put on a music event with Billy J Kramer.  If anyone is interested there is a special vinyl disc of his in our WEBSITE SHOP.

I don't think we lads ever knew the christian name of our metalwork teacher, we all knew him as JIM Reeves !

The very first words spoken to me at Boldmere High School For Boys were YOU ARE LATE BOY !  I mumbled something about the 'bus being late. That was my introduction to the school spoken by Mr Wallbank, perhaps the most disliked teacher in the school.

This is for him.

At Boldmere there were three school rules:
  • You will work
  • You will use common sense
  • You will be courteous

At Leon I adapted these to what I called THE THREE C's
  • You will use common sense
  • You will be courteous
  • You will Co-operate

I dropped the work bit from Was's school rules. Didn't have time for work when I was Head of Year - we were too busy having fun.

Yep, that's me above - the crazy head of year so many of you had to put up with.

Who remembers when this lot descended on Leon School ?

It was part of a Jim'll Fix It programme. Only the headmaster and I knew what was happening, he hid away leaving me to manage the unruly boy band. They were to kidnap a girl from class, whisk her away in a helicopter to a recording of Jim'll Fix It.  PROBLEM !  Weather conditions meant the helicopter could not land on the school field. While the producer and I frantically tried to hire a stretched limo the Boyz were a pain
and just would not keep quiet.  Word got round the school: Have you seen who Ashford has got in his office ?

WAS had an expression where he would say he promoted a boy to become a sergeant. He meant he gave the unfortunate wretch three strokes of the cane.  That day I came so close to promoting all band members to the rank of sergeant.

I am mega proud to be in contact with so many, many of my former students.  tell me you LEONITES which song would you select as my Chart Topping Teacher Theme ?

At twenty-seven years of age Josh aka The Eternal Teenager is too young to have been a LEONITE - anyway he went to Sir Frank Markham School.

Working with me over the past year and now starting to co-present two radio shows with me each week, Josh is a bit of a prude and far too conservative. He thinks and says I am a NUTTER. Perhaps he would think this should be my theme tune.

Josh, do not think for a single moment that a busted toe is going to stop me dancing round the studio when we broadcast tomorrow.

I like to slip a bit of punk rock into the show but have not yet found the courage to play The Sex Pistols. I told you Josh was a prude, he disowned me when I played him, IN PRIVATE, Friggin In The Riggin.

I wonder what WAS and all the other teachers at Boldmere High School For Boys would have made of that.

Don't know about Sergeant, WAS would have promoted those concerned to SERGEANT MAJOR !

This is something I have played on the radio a few times in recent weeks.

Here I am dancing to the music at a disco in a sheltered housing community.

Many of the residents remembered the years of World War Two - they were there. I do not - I was not there. Mine is the first generation for a long while not to have gone to school simply as preparation for joining the army, navy or air force to serve our country with many giving their young lives.

Something I will never forgive Boldmere High School For
Boys for, something I will never forgive WAS for was the fact that we boys were NEVER told anything about the ROLL OF HONOUR which was on the wall at the front of the assembly hall. We lads used to wonder why the names ended at 1945, we thought the school had simply stopped handing out awards/prizes in that year. Lest we forget, Boldmere never even remembered.

This is in the playlist for tomorrow's radio show.

Going through the playlist yesterday Josh said: I really like that.

I then explained it was something from my Granddad's era.

I won't tell you what he said, something that would not be out of place in a Sex Pistols track !

I left school in 1967, DISCO is something from the 1970's, it certainly was not from my Graddad's day - he was born in 1910 BUT no matter what your age, no matter when you were born or went to school - no matter if you have a busted toe or not LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE....

LEONITES I hope you think that should be my Chart Topping Teacher Theme.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Amazing week - AMAZING MUSIC

Where to begin....


Our music inspired love for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham to help care for families with a child sing in hospital.

£720 of LOVE

Among my souvenirs I now have this small plastic tube. Kindly donated to me by Thames Valley Police after officers put a tick in their box by stopping me for a random breath test. They have to put a target number of ticks in a target number of boxes during a night shift. I was negative of course. Pity the police do not have boxes to tick  when it comes to arresting some of those responsible for evil in our city.

So what's happening this coming week ?

What's loaded into the barrel of fun ?

Let's roll it out........

The Eternal Teenager will be joining me for Monday's show. MONDAY - MORNING - MUSIC - MEGA - MIX.

Like me he is tee-total so the cops can waste not one but TWO plastic tubes as we drive to the studio.
Josh drinks coffee, I have go to teach him you do not boil a kettle in the studio when I have the microphone open so adding some interesting sound effects to the music !

Here's something from Monday's playlist.

I started writing this blog page in December 2016, It had been my hope we would achieve 100k visitors by Christmas last year. That did not happen. I am wondering if it is worth spending two hours a day writing the page given the readership has fallen.  Let's see what today brings.

In the novel I am currently working on ELVIS PRESLEY is a character. On Tuesday MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION will have Elvis Presley's LP BLUE HAWAII as the featured album. This was actually the second LP record I spent my pocket money on as a kid.

At the point in the story I am currently writing the central character has a new girlfriend. When she asks him what his favourite track from the album is he says this................

We are trying - trying and failing - to generate some income to cover the costs of playing our music.

Morrissons are currently selling giant tubs of sweets for £3, we could do with TEN to hand out little treats when we take the music out into the community.

One of the ways we would like to generate an income is selling my books. Last week we sold ONE and made £1.14p !

This week's featured book is THE DIARY OF BILLY HARDCASTLE - cost you £1.99 for an e-book copy.

All of my books have music in them.  This appears in Billy's Diary.

Following the music inspiring friends last week to donate £720 to Ronald McDonald House, on WEDNESDAY we are having a special edition of LET'S INSPIRE with the sub title of THE SUN NEVER SETS ON RONALD McDONALD.

Here's something from Wednesday's show................

And something else...............

I've had a BRILLIANT idea....

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is open to all GOOD CAUSES with Ronald McDonald House Birmingham as the LEAD CAUSE.

How about we have a MILTON KEYNES PEARLY KING AND QUEEN at the day ?

I know where we can get the costumes from and I think I know where we can find the people to fill them.

We have a fire eater coming to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

He wants to come onto the radio as a guest. We do have the studio's fire certificate up to date don't we ?

Thursday's show - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS is a bit
in the melting pot at the moment.  Amazon, don't you love to hate them, is being tardy delivering a CD of Jeff Wayne's War of The World. If it arrives on time this week's show will be War Of The World.

If Amazon screws up this show will be postponed by a week with BEAUTIFUL MUSIC FOR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC taking its place.

This picture was taken when we attended Armistice Day last year. On the left is ANDY with NIGEL on the right.

ANDY is an amazing friend of our music. He keeps giving us some wonderful things to sell at our car boot sales. We have not been to a boot sale over the winter, we need to start up again.  Lisa has been trying to sell things on-line.

Yesterday Andy brought something amazing to sell.  I think today I need to set up THE OLD SQUARE RECORD SHOP again on the website.... www, 

Pictured with Andy in the picture is Nigel, I am right thinking you used to be a Country Music DJ Nigel ?

I like country music but have to confess I do not understand it.  NIGEL I NEED YOU TO TEACH ME.

In the book I am currently writing the central character has to present a country music show on Golden Gate Radio - he does not have a clue what he is doing !

Music From My Vinyl Collection the week after next will feature two country music albums - one from Jim Reeves and one from Tammy Wynette.

On Friday our time machine will be going back to the year of 1977 as I play the Top Thirty from 1st March 1977. This was at number ten that day.

Not going to tell you what was at number one but this was number two....

The Eternal  Teenager will be co-presenting the show with me.

1st March 1977 - I was 26 years old. 

He was MINUS 24 !

We are both growing our hair for a sponsored haircut on SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I would like to do a show featuring HAIR but while the story is powerful there is not all that much good music in it. This is GREAT.....

Before the haircut Josh will be taking part in a 24 hour sponsored football game for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. I am not playing but I will be there. THEN we will both be presenting an overnight RADIO DISCO to celebrate the football and add more support to the amazing work being done by Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Mrs Josh says she will be in bed taking part in a SPONSORED SLEEP.

Time now for you to sponsor us both. CLICK HERE

Obviously this will be the first track we will be playing.....

So that's what's happening this week.  Last week was AMAZING so we have a lot to live up to.