Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Turn up the smiles

Good morning - a fabulous, happy GOOD MORNING TO YOU ALL...


The studio is set up for the day - I'll be live at 6am so make sure you listen www.crmk.co.uk 

Today's show will be the MOTHER OF ALL DISCO's

My breakfast of Marmite and Lettuce sandwiches await me so I'd better get on with writing today's page.

We are getting closer to that magic figure of 100,000 blog readers - how long be fore we hit one hundred grand ?


The podcasts are close to hitting ten grand !

Today's disco show should sort that.

To listen to the podcasts CLICK HERE

What a day yesterday was !

SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019 will be held from 1pm to 5pm on Sunday 19th May at Milton Keynes Irish Centre. Now that is going to be a mega event.

CLICK HERE to find out what is happening and GET INVOLVED. I will update the page when I get home, there's a bit from Buckingham Palace and The Irish Ambassador to add.

4.38am I aint arf hungry. Need my morning fix of breakfast - Marmite and Lettuce sandwiches.

I think we have decided on the name for our group - THE SMILE CREW - just need now to fix which smiling sunshine logo we use.

Are you a member of our music fan club ?  CLICK HERE

I am not sure what I am looking forward to more...

My breakfast of Marmite and Lettuce sandwiches or having a radio disco.

Who's coming into the radio studio to share a broadcast with me ? Come on - don't be shy !  CLICK HERE - no messing DO IT.

Oooppppsss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've already played that haven't I ?  It's not actually on the play list for the show. Better change that.

Right - done that - playing it through the studio speakers right now to test it.

OK - sorry about this but my Marmite and Lettuce sandwiches can not wait much longer.

Let's have just one more track from today's show then I'll publish the blog.

Do listen to the show won't you ! 6am to 8am www.crmk.co.uk

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