Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The Geriatric Teenager

This is how my LEONITES remember me.

What's a LEONITE ?

A Leonite is one of my former students from the days when I was Head of Year at Leon School. I am honoured and proud to be in contact with so very many of my former students. Even those who know me now as The Geriatric DJ think of me the way I was in the mid 1970's through to the late 1990's even if I do look like this now !

Yep, that's me in Hippie Park, San Francisco last year. Do you know what ?  I was the ONLY flipping hippie there !

Yesterday I found a Facebook site for the secondary school I attended as a teenager. Yes, Sir was once a pupil himself !

I played that track on the show yesterday. It was a big hit when I left school.

What was the best thing about school for you ?  For me it was LEAVING.

As I broadcast yesterday's show, playing all those Beatles tracks, I found myself drifting back to my teenage years and Boldmere High School For Boys.

Let's have another track. Something from today's show. How about this.

I think the guy in the video looks a bit like me.

That's me as a teenager.

On the right of course.

Left is me broadcasting Christmas week.

Leonites, remember I said we should have a reunion in the radio station, live on air playing tracks from school. We will do it some time - I promise.

But I am going to ask those who were at school with me to send me their fav tracks and I'll compile them into one of my Monday shows.

Here's The Geriatric DJ dancing The Lambeth Walk a week ago at FLOWERS SHELTERED HOUSING.

Graham, who ran the disco, will be joining me in the studio tomorrow and YES we will play The Lambeth Walk but I promise to keep my bum firmly on the chair !

Not like this show.

At Flowers last week one of the residents was Dr Garwood's secretary from when I was at teacher training college. One of the care assistants was a LEONITE !  I will be playing this track for her tomorrow 

Don't remember playing that at Leon Disco Clare. Did we ?

I know you Leonites hated it when Sir got on the deck. I never played slow music !

Life is a DISCO so DANCE.

Disco's had not been invented when I was a teenager and if they had been Boldmere High School would never have had one. 

Could have been a bit difficult given ours was an all boys school.

Who remembers me playing this at Leon Disco ?

Do listen to my show this morning 6am to 8am www.crmk.co.uk. Yesterday's show had listeners in: UK, France, Thailand, USA, Kazakhstan, India, Algeria, Taiwan, Spain, Hungary. 

I wonder what today will bring.  Here's something else from the days at Leon Disco which Sir used to play a lot.

My musical partner in crime, Josh aka The Eternal Teenager played that when we took music into the community last year. He was horrified when I told him what the words were ! (Prude !)

Sir never objected to your singing the words at Leon Disco.

Now I don't want any of you Leonites going on the the Boldmere High School page and asking those who knew me
as a teenager just how horrible I was.

You can pick me out from last's year's Leonite reunion - the hair and the hippie shirt give me away.

Just a little LOL.

Leonites get everywhere !  Thanks Cabin Services Manager Sam at Virgin Atlantic - the champagne on the flight was lovely. (And I don't drink)

Let's have some REAL FUN.

Leonites - you send me your favourite tracks from when you were stuck with me with me as your head of year.

Boldmere Boys send me your favourite tracks and I'll wrap everything into a special dedication show - say Monday 11th February. Songs for the best two schools in England.  Boldmere High School For Boys and Leon School.

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