Sunday, 20 January 2019

Positive v Negative

Having worked hard to build up our daily music blog page it was hit, last Thursday, by a torpedo under the water line !

Construction workers in the road outside my home very kindly damaged the cable leaving me without phone and internet service. I can use BT FON but only if I set up my computer in my downstairs shower room ! Even then I can not use the service for secure sites like our web server.

BT was supposed to come out on Saturday to look at the problem but failed to arrive. Hopefully they are coming this morning but I guess it will be the middle of the week before normality is restored.

Even using FON I can not access secure sites, those needing a password.  I can not use my bank account, I can not use the server to update our website: and I have not been able to write a blog page.  Yep, I am feeling rather low - to quote The Hollies - King Midas In Reverse.

 Miserable, fed up and feeling very low.

I feel I am letting our music friends down and I am feeling so terribly guilty that I am not doing the work I need to be doing for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I don't do negative but it is hard to think how I could be feeling more negative than I am by this unfortunate mess.

4.09am and I am in the radio studio, been here since 3.20am, and able to use the Internet here to catch up on
some work.

At 6am I will be going live to the world with Monday Morning Music Mega Mix.  There is no way I can allow my low feeling to permeate into the music. So how can I turn this negative feeling into something nice and positive ? 

Let's pluck a track at random from the play list. Let me have a quick look.

How about this ?

That was nice, made me feel a bit better. Sloop John B is actually the last track I will be playing on today's show.

A big audience would be nice. 6am to 8am - join me. 

It is usual for me to publish the podcast of the show once I get home but with no Internet I will do it before I leave the studio. Therefore, if you CLICK HERE after about 8.15am you can listen - listen if you were a lazy bones and did not get out of bed to hear the live broadcast.  One hundred and eight people listened to last week's podcast. NICE.

That's number 19 in the playlist so I'll be playing it round about ten past seven.  Nice little song eh ?

A good show this morning will lift my spirits, help me turn the negative into positive.

I guess the thing that is bugging me the most is my not being able to work with the rest of the team organising SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.  I feel I am letting them down.

You know what would make me feel good ?  What would help turn the negative into positive ?

This is number 24 in the play list for today.

If when I speak to organisers Stig and Lisa to find this fun day has received loads more stall pitch bookings.

I will speak to them both later. NO, not on line and NO not using my landline phone as I have neither, but using my mobile.

We could do with a Hurdy-gurdy at Sunshine Smile Day if anyone knows of one.

Writing this blog page - 4.39am, right now I am feeling miserable. I have not managed to snap myself out of my low feeling.

I suppose if when I get home after the show, if BT manages to turn up this time and wave a magic wand to put things right it would help but what would be even better would be friends pushing their way forward to help organise SUNSHINE SMILE DAY - we need help now with the planning and we need lots of help on the day - one zillion and one things to be done.

Could you help to start a stampede of help ?

So has writing this blog, sharing the problem helped me change my negativity into something positive ?

Want an honest answer ?

But I do not do negativity.

I most certainly do not do self-pity,

So I need a volunteer to come and KICK MY ARSE.

Anyone up for that ?

4.48am - just over an hour to go.  think I'll have some breakfast and see if a bowl of Cherios and a few biscuits can change things.

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