Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Did you see the survey Lisa put on our music FAN PAGE ?

Please go there and vote in favour of my special breakfast meal.

Here I am in the studio of CRMK and I have a serious problem.  I do not know how I am going to broadcast my show in two hours time.

When it came to making sandwiches for this morning I found we had run out of lettuce !  I have substituted cheese, I wonder what that tastes like.

Let's take a bite.

It's OK but not the same. Marmite and Lettuce RULE.  Marmite and Lettuce go together a bit like peaches and cream.

By rights I should be celebrating, celebrating the fact that my show podcasts yesterday passed the 10k mark but how can I celebrate without lettuce in my Marmite sandwiches ?

CLICK HERE for all show podcasts.

To also dampen the celebrations I am drinking DIET PEPSI and not PEPSI MAX.  Got a load of Diet Pepsi left from Christmas which
Maureen insists I use up before adding to the profits of Morrissons Supermarket buying more Pepsi Max.  

Next week I am going to see La Traviata performed by The Royal Opera Company. Could you imagine The Drinking Song performed with Diet Pepsi ?

That would be a song sung blue !

Looking at Lisa's survey the NO vote is way out in front.  I
know what to do. I'll as Theresa May to come and negotiate the result, she is an expert at stitching up democracy !


Do listen to today's show 6am to 8am www.crmk.co.uk and decide for yourself if the withdrawal symptoms from my addiction to Marmite and Lettuce sandwiches shows through.

To finish off today's page here's a track from the show.

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