Thursday, 24 January 2019

Let's Sack Freddie Mercury

Later today I am going to give Freddie Mercury a call..... I am going to sack him from being the lead on our Sunshine Smile Day music stage.....

Who needs Freddie Mercury when we have The Geriatric DJ ?

Here I am yesterday leading the dancing at Flowers Sheltered Housing. I am actually dancing The Lambeth Walk.

My very good friend Graham runs disco parties in various care homes, medical units and sheltered housing. Yesterday I went with him to FLOWERS in Bletchley to be a fly on the wall. Graham is coming into my show next Wednesday to chat about the disco and play the music.

This was something Graham played and we all enjoyed.

Fly on the world...

That's hardly my style is it ?

It was not planned but I spent most of the afternoon dancing.  I loved it.  The residents of Flowers Sheltered Housing were so lovely.  I had so much fun. When I got home I was buzzing, I could not sleep as the excitement lingered on.

At one time during the afternoon I said to Graham that perhaps we should exchange jobs.  He could do my radio shows and I'd take over his disco !

Graham played music from the 1940's - that's even before my time, the 1950's, 60', 70's and even a quick dip into the 1980's.

What an amazing afternoon....

Did you know that The Eternal Teenager aka Josh is into cross-dressing ?

Here he is wearing a hat that belongs to his wife !

I was in the studio working, not having Broadand working at home - long story - I have been going in early ahead of broadcasting, the phone rang.  It was round
about 4am. It was Josh who said he would like to come into the studio to "support me".

Supporting meant just being there, chatting off microphone and encouraging The Geriatric DJ during the show.

Well you know me LOL. I was going to push my friends into a bit more than that.

Classical Music is not Josh's thing and this was my show Wake Up With The Classics.

How about we have a two hour tutorial, I suggested, where I introduce you to the joys of classical music ?

Poor Josh agreed !

When it comes to setting up music equipment, when it comes to playing the music or to writing a play list Josh is ace but this morning my friend was so far out of his depth.

Josh and Mrs Josh came into the studio on Christmas Day, Josh read out all the dedications and did a good job but
today this was different. NO, today's show will not go down in history as a broadcasting epic but we did a fair job.

Sorry Josh, I shouldn't have pushed you. It did, however, go down in history as one friend supporting another.

My friend sat busy writing a playlist for me to to use in a future edition of my Monday show - Monday Morning Music Mega Mix. He said he was going to play a particular song for me, something a bit silly.

I've just grabbed the paperwork but find my friend has taken his writing away with him.  I wonder what that song was. Can't play it for you now so let's have something else from Graham's disco yesterday.

Josh mate, you'd have loved yesterday but I am not going to let Graham invite you to a disco - you would most certainly OUT DANCE me !

The world still has not forgotten your SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY scarf dance !

Hillsborough Stadium has not been the same since !

What are you doing in this pic ?  Lining up as a sub ?

I played football at the disco yesterday.

Graham blew up a load of balloons which he threw out on to the dance floor. One dear lady kept throwing them at me to kick back or head to her.

I loved that and did it in time to the music.

Here's something else Graham played.

11.12am and I am STILL writing the blog.

Josh turning up at the studio stopped me writing it ahead of the show. When I arrived home BT arrived to fix my Broadband. WOW it's working again !  Been without it for a week !

So WEDNESDAY 30th January - Graham is joining me in the studio where we will both play the music from yesterday's disco.

MONDAY 4th January - Josh is preparing the playlist for me to use.  I bet he includes this, his favourite song.

AND I bet The Eternal Teenager slips in this song for Mrs Josh, you should hear him try to fit her name, Jelena, into the song instead of Jolene !

I wish I knew what the song he has slipped into the playlist for me is.


On today's show I explained the name, how my friend looks so much younger than he really is.

"I'm always getting asked for ID in shops," he said, "even for a packet of flumps !"

I know this isn't the song but it is a bit applicable to me....

Well - 11.22am - what's that ?  About seven hours later. Here's today's blog !

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