Monday, 7 January 2019

Let's make a legend

Somebody said yesterday that I am a legend....

OMG !  You have to be old to be a legend don't you ? NO NOT ME.

How about we take our already popular music and turn it into a legend - a legend in its own time ?

Here I am in the studio of Radio CRMK, it's now 4.19am - I've been here since 3.45am. The studio is now set up for the day, I am ready to hit the wall with OUR music at 6am and sight now as you can see I am writing today's blog.

Today's show is centred round the legendary film THE
SOUND OF MUSIC. To listen simply go to 

You can be part of the show - send me a message via the FAN PAGE and I'll share it with he world during the music.

If you miss the show or would like to catch up on any of the shows broadcast over the past four months CLICK HERE for the podcasts.

Yesterday I met with LISA to talk about our music and how we can make it legendary, legendary within our mission: PLAYING MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND SUPPORT GOOD

Today I am not exclusively playing music from The Sound of Music album but am including a number of 7" vinyl singles I have within my treasured collection.

I will be playing this.

When I talk about becoming a LEGEND I do not mean myself, I do not mean you our listeners and I do not really mean our music, what I mean is bringing all together within our mission PLAYING MUSIC TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND SUPPORT GOOD CAUSES. Let's make that our legend.

Right now I am rewriting our rather cluttered, muddled and
typo-ridden website I am working on the GOOD CAUSES area.

If we are to become a music legend then we need to pour love through our music into the good causes we support.

I will have the good causes pages within the website finished by the end of the week. Each good cause will have a representative, a representative from that cause, we need within our team someone to co-ordinate the good causes.

Somewhere there is a stranger waiting to become a friend, a good friend, a great friends - our GOOD CAUSES CO-ORDINATOR.  Is that you ?    Could you be part of the team helping to create a legend ?

Just knock on the door and we will open it.

4,47am - time for my legendary breakfast of Marmite and Lettuce sandwiches. A quick check of the playlist then time to start playing the music.

Keep the messages flowing during the show - let's make it a legend.

To listen go to

Send your messages via the music fan page CLICK HERE

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