Wednesday, 2 January 2019

In need of friends.

Good morning - a very good morning ?

How's the New Year working out for you ?

Did you catch yesterday's blog ?  CLICK HERE if you did not.

We had 64 readers yesterday.

Well here I am again in the studio of CRMK about to
broadcast today's show. It's Thursday so that means it's my classical music show.

Today I am making the show all about Romantic Music and will feature a certain Mr Andre Rieu and his orchestra.

Classical Music is NOT about music from a period in history, it is a style of music just as is Rock and Roll, Jazz or Country.

Yesterday's show had listeners in: Germany - France - Syria - UK - India - Saudi Arabia - Mexico

Today's show will be very gentle and relaxing - I will wake you slowly - I promise.

Yesterday's radio show was all about making friends, new friends in 2019. Our music need to find some friends in 2019, lots of new friends.
OUR music - NOT my music - is played to make people SMILE, be HAPPY and to INSPIRE support for good causes.

Music on the RADIO, here on the BLOG, on YouTube, on our website and in the COMMUNITY.

Playing music on the radio is easy. CRMK is NOT part of The Geriatric DJ - The Geriatric DJ is part of radio CRMK and I am proud our music is being played there.

Playing music on the radio is easy, it's the other bits that are hard.

I started this blog in January 2017 but towards the end of 2018 I found myself so busy I stopped writing on a regular basis. Now in 2019 I have
decided to write the blog each morning, mega early, ahead of going life with my radio show. If I start slipping and missing days PLEASE give me a slap.

YouTube is a bit of a muddle but it is there and it is working.

I have taken down the website and am re-writing it.

To outwork our mission it is taking music into the community
which will be the hard bit.

Music roadshow events
Music supporting good causes
Music in SMILE Magazine

We have a BRAINSTORMING meeting planned for the afternoon of Sunday 13th January at my home in Bletchley. 

Is this date OK or do we need to push it back by a week or perhaps two ?

The Geriatric DJ as a group needs a management team:
  1. Chairman
  2. Secretary/Treasurer
  3. In need a music assistant
  4. Roadshow Manager
  5. Good Causes Co-ordinator
  6. Smile Editor
  7. Smile Distribution Manager
  8. The Geriatric DJ - Yours Truly

With myself that makes a team of eight.

We will then need an orbiting team of people working in
several different areas.

For each good cause we seek to support that good cause will need to nominate someone who with liaise with our co-ordinator.
We need a team to help at car boot sales.
We need a team to help at community music events.

If we can find these people, if we can make the friends we need our music will go into orbit.

If we can not find the people, the friends we need we will have to cut back on our ambitions. Either that or FAIL and we do now want that do we ?

I am very, very keen to take our music to amazing new levels in 2019 BUT I am worried we will not find the right people for the management team and for the bigger team of helpers.  It feels to me that we are perhaps trying to draw on too small a fan base.

Can we reach out and find many, many new friends to explode the fan base and from that build our team ?


If you are reading this page - if you like our music - if you support our aim TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND INSPIRE SUPPORT FOR GOOD CAUSES - CLICK HERE and join our music fan club.


So far in 2019 we have had radio listeners in: 

Our blog in 2019 has so far attracted readers in:

 193 countries in the UN so we have a way to go !

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