Monday, 28 January 2019



The studio is all set up for the day.

At 6am I will be going live with my show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION.  Do join me: 

Today's featured album in THE BEATLES TWENTY GOLDEN HITS.

Trust me we are in for some fantastic music.

If you miss the show the PODCAST will be available from about 9.30am.

The FAB Four - John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Friday will see the start of a new month - FEBRUARY - to quote Gilbert & Sullivan - THE BEASTLY MONTH OF FEBRUARY

What does Neil Sedaka say about February in his song ?      What does he say about May ?.  Check it out ?

When I came into the studio this morning at the crack of dawn I put up a poster for all DJ's within Radio CRMK to look
at and find all about SUNSHINE SMILE DAY happening on Sunday 19th May 2019.

Lisa is working so hard organising the event.

She has booked stalls, a bouncy castle, catering vans, a fire engine, pony rides, face painting, teddy bear picnic and a lot more.

Personally I am hoping we will have one hundred stalls.

Paul and I, together we make up the management team for THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW, are helping but we need more HELP.

We need HELP now with planning. We need your help and contacts to make what is going to be a big event into a MEGA event.

We need help on the day SUNSHINE SMILE DAY - SUNDAY 19th MAY 2019.  help running some stalls, help looking after guests, help with just about everything.

Don't click the picture but CLICK HERE.

The Sunday ahead of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY I am doing an overnight sponsored DISCO radio show to support Ronald McDonald House Birmingham which is the lead charity for the day.

Guess what will be the opening track of the broadcast ?

What will be the last track ?

I don't know.  I'm only half way through writing the playlist but I promise I will not be playing a single slow track during the entire broadcast so it will be something like this.

Or this...................

My Rdaio Disco will be 11 hours long.

I took this picture before I started writing today's blog.

It celebrates a 100 hour broadcast made by Mike Barry, CRMK's Programme Controller, between 5th and 9th December 1986.


What was the number one record when Mike did that broadcast ?

How appropriate - it was this.

My radio broadcast will not break any records but WITH YOUR HELP Sunshine Smile Day WILL break all records.

To get involved drop me an e-mail:

5.25am - I'd better publish today's blog and get ready to broadcast.  Do listen PODCAST after 9.30am HERE

Not from The Beatles but I will be playing this in the show.

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