Thursday, 31 January 2019

Eddie The Eagle Eat Your Heart Out

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Eddie The Eagle, eat your heart out ! You should have seen The Geriatric DJ ski his way to the studio this morning !

I aint no wimp !  A dusting of snow aint going to stop me
driving the 12 miles from my home to the studio ready to broadcast my show.  3.54am - the studio is set up and ready, I'll be live at 6am. PODCAST will be available as soon as I have managed to ski back home again.

The snow never properly melted from the car as I drove across the city. First thing I did when I came into the studio
was to turn on the heater.  Time to switch it off now, it's a little too hot inside the building now.

Here's a picture from a music event we staged just under a year ago.

That photograph was taken on 3rd February 2018 when we played music in Asda Supermarket to support its Green Token Charities.

As I drove to the studio I passed Willen Lake and wondered if there was ice on the water. It does not matter how cold it gets
the water flowing in the waterfall of love can never freeze. Can never freeze unless you let it !

As I drove to the studio my mind was constantly on our homeless, rough-sleeping friends in the city where I live. How many ?  Many more than 100, nobody honestly knows the real number.

11pm Sunday 10th March I will be playing that track at the start of an over night Radio Disco I will be broadcasting in support of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter cares for our friends with no home beyond a blanket on the cold pavement. Only the lucky ones have a tent !

This is the second track on the playlist.

NO !  Don't click the picture - CLICK HERE......

I am just starting to launch the project, next week I will be meeting with the night shelter after which I will be reaching out to find people who will dip into their pockets and sponsor the radio disco.

Track three on the playlist.

Ahead of the broadcast I will be at a 24 hour football match Damon is organising in support of The Winter Night Shelter, all money raised from the Radio Disco will be added to the sponsorship collected with in the football match.

24 hours football, I am not playing, but I will be there. A quick nap at home then I'll be here in the studio with our disco party.

And the next track in the playlist.

That's me on the left, aged sixteen and wishing away the days before I could leave school to take on the world. The picture on the right was taken on Wednesday this week.

It's 52 years since I left school. A couple of days ago I stumbled across a Facebook group for former pupils of my old school. I joined. 

And the next track....

Roy Wood and Wizzard are BRUMMIES - from Birmingham. I lived in and went to school in the Royal Borough of Sutton Coldfield which has long since been swallowed up into Birmingham.  In that facebook group I met up with a former teenager TONY who is doing his bit to help the homeless in the area where I used to live. He is collecting blankets, have you any he can have ? Tell me and I will pass them on.

4.35am - I have got to turn the studio heater off. It's far too hot in here.

In the early 1980's I wrote a book about the adolescent New City of Milton Keynes.  I am leaving this copy in the studio for fellow presenter Bob to check out.

When The Milton Keynes Development Corporation made the plans for our city those plans very carefully worked towards a bright future and did all possible to eliminate any problems which may arise in turning fields into housing estates.

One problem the planners did not consider, they had no idea - not a hint, that it was coming.  That Milton Keynes would face a homeless problem.

Someone recently shared this photograph from Leon School - look at Lord Muck in the middle. Also somewhere in that picture is JIMMY.

Here's another picture but Jimmy is missing from it - missing because he was dead !

Jimmy, one of my former students died while rough sleeping and homeless in our city.

Problem with that picture is the newspaper headline DID NOT spur our council into action.

As a kid, as a teenager, Jimmy would attend the Leon Disco's I ran. When Sir pushed his way onto the music deck those teenagers used to sigh - I never allowed anyone to stand around the side of the hall - EVERYONE had to dance.  That track was something I used to play and something Jimmy would dance to.

I've just opened the studio door and taken this picture.  It's snowing. The tyre tracks made as I drove into the car park are gone. Inside the studio the heater is off and I am sitting in a tee shirt.

What about our homeless friends ?

I may need Eddie the Eagle to give me a push to get out of the car park !

Can you do that for me Eddie - please ?

Seriously Eddie, you can do something for me ?

I'll send you the link for today's blog.

If I rattle the laptop keys and buy a DVD from Amazon will you kindly autograph it ?  I will then use it as a prize for the best dancer at my RADIO DISCO.

All money will go to The Winter Night Shelter.

5.07am - I've been here since 3am, been writing this blog since 3.54 am !

In less than an hour I'll be live 6am to 8am on the world's HOTTEST RADIO STATION.  Weather - snow - Eddie The Eagle permitting, the PODCAST will be on-line round about 9am.

One last track then I had better click the mouse and publish the page. That will be the 15th sample track from the Radio Disco.

You will join me 11pm on Sunday 10th March here on CRMK - The World's Hottest Radio Station.

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