Friday, 11 January 2019

Come and score a goal for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter

Yesterday's show - the first broadcast of PICK OF THE POPS went quite well.

Listeners in: Germany, France, Poland, USA and UK

It was, however, hard. I enjoyed broadcasting the show, do not get me wrong but the tracks in the play list were all between 2 and 3 minutes long so there was no letting up.

CLICK HERE for the podcast.

For next Friday's show we will be travelling back in time to review the Top Thirty Chart from 18th January 1973.

Let me give you just a little teaser from that chart. This was Number Eighteen on that day.

Before then I have MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX to broadcast. Tuesday's show is MUSIC FROM VINYL COLLECTION featuring an album THE HISTORY OF POP

Wednesday's show LET'S INSPIRE will be a bit of a chat show as I feature Freemasonry In The Community. This
afternoon I will be writing the playlist with my guest for the show Philip Blacklaw,  Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Buckinghamshire. Phil joined me briefly for the New Year Marathon Show. I have invited him back to tell us more about the good causes Freemasonry is involved in.

Thursday's show WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS features Gustav Holst as composer of the week.

During yesterday's show I told listeners I had an e-mail from Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. Returning home and reading the contents I ripped up the playlist for Monday's show - THREW IT IN THE BIN. Something far more exciting will now be happening on Monday Morning.

The Geriatric DJ ALWAYS broadcasts wearing my Sheffield Wednesday scarf. On Monday I will be wearing it as I welcome DAMON into the studio to tell us all about an amazing 24 hour football marathon he is organising for The Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Once Damon has told us all about the project I want our music to get right behind this incredible project and give it maximum support, The 24 hour marathon kicks off at noon on Saturday 9th March. Right now the need is for players. How about you joining in.

So today, what I want you to is to put the date in your diary - SATURDAY - SUNDAY 9th/10th March. Once Damon has told us all about this project let's get right behind it.

MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN ON MONDAY - Damon will be in the studio for the first hour of the show.

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