Sunday, 13 January 2019

Teddies of LOVE

I have a theory about teddy bears.

If a child loves his/her teddy bear enough it ceased to become an object  of play but takes on a life form of its own, a life form which actually gives out love.

At SUNSHINE SMILE DAY we are going to have a Teddy Bear Picnic. 

It will be organised by Beck's friend Ann on the right. That pic was taken at our Frog Challenge in September 2017.

Ann is a great lady but feels she would like not to take on the task alone.  I have a teddy bear, of course I do - BEN. So I am suggesting that Ben, Ann and I organise this part of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY together.

I thought I would share a few ideas about Teddy Bear Picnic here on today's blog, run them past you and seek a bit of advice on which Ann, Ben and I can start to plan this part of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

The first thing I guess is how many Teddies will come along
?  We would need a minimum of 20 to make things work. A few more, say up to 50 would be good. More than 50 would need some additional thinking.

How do we find the teddies ?

I am guessing we need to make a list of all pre-school nurseries in the area and work out a publicity timetable. We could tell them NOW this is happening, give posters and leaflets some time in April then push it hard in the week or ten days ahead of the event. What do you think ?

I am guessing each teddy will bring Mummy and Daddy,
perhaps brothers and sisters, even Granny and Granddad. So each teddy would potentially bring 4 people to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. 20 teddies = 80 people  50 = 200 people.

If my theory about teddies is right then that will be a lot of love coming in to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

I am suggesting every teddy should be given a little cake to
eat and something to drink. Event organisers Lisa, Paul and I have to set a budget for the entire day so I guess we need to decide how much Teddy Bear Picnic is going to cost. The cakes, drinks, posters, leaflets and so on.  But if the event brings 200 people to SUNSHINE SMILE DAY this will be money well spent.

I think the picnic takes place on the stage. Lisa, 
Paul and I have to decide exactly what that stage will be. For £800 we can hire a professional stage complete with lights and sound system for £800 but that is a budget too far in my opinion, we would need 80 stalls just to cover that cost.  Anyway that's something fort consideration away from this page.

What we do need to consider is the timing. If SUNSHINE SMILE DAY is starting at 1pm how about the picnic being from 2.30pm to 3pm ?

What do we do to we include in the picnic ?

How about Pass The Parcel ?  What other games could we have ?

Could we have a Teddy Bear Singalong ?

What songs would the teddies know ?

So what do you think ?  What does your teddy think ?  Share your ideas and help make Teddy Bear Picnnic a great hit.

Could you help publicise the event in advance ?  Could you help on the day ?

Let's make the teddies smile.

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