Thursday, 10 January 2019

Am I nervous ?

Am I nervous ?


That aint me in the pic.  I don't wear glasses - don't have a full set of dentures - but do have a full a full head of hair and I aint that fat !

Anyway why should I be nervous ?

4.32am and here I am in the studio. At 6am I will be
launching a brand new show PICK OF THE POPS.

I want you to come in a time machine with me back to 11th January 1967 where we will share the Top Thirty Chart from that day.

During the show I will be inviting to apply THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST to all of the tracks I play.

What is The Old Grey Whistle Test ?

Well listen to the show and I will tell you.

To listen go to 6am to 8am For the lazy ones among you the PODCAST will be available from about 9am (ish)

Am I nervous about taking on a new show ?


What I do find scary is the fact that when this show is finished I will have completed 126.5 hours broadcasting and I only joined the station on 26th August.  I think I am becoming
addicted.  WHAT THE HECK - I love my addiction.

I love music.

I love people.

I love making people smile.

So tune in apply the Old Grey Whistle Test and let's have fun. LET'S SMILE.

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