Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Funny how things go

After Tuesday's show I was feeling a bit low, I did not think I had the biggest audience of my career. We did however have listeners in: Germany - France - USA - India - Pakistan - Thailand - Columbia - Morocco and ONE in UK.

Today's show nearly fused the computer !  There were listeners in: France - Germany - USA - India - Turkey - Malaysia and millions, well nearly, in the UK. THANKS FOR TUNING IN. I hope you liked the music. The PODCAST is now available CLICK HERE

Here's something from today's show:

I have done some crazy things in the studio !  last week I boogied, I tried to sing and a few weeks ago I danced Zorba's Dance. While I played the music today I DID NOT try to dance !

The show was all about INSPIRATIONAL MUSICAL MOMENTS.  I am listening to to the podcast as I write this

Today's show - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS - features military music and in particular that composed by John Philip Sousa.

The young man in the podcast picture is my grandson ADAM. I don't know if he fancies himself as a Radio DJ but Ollie from the Mini Libs does.

On Friday The Mini Libs are coming into the studio to sing and record some bits and pieces I can use to promote their video over my shows next week.  Ollie is going to work the deck with me.

I have always liked Queen but only since I started working as a radio DJ have I come to realise just how big a fan I am.

Freddie and the boys helped me prepare yesterday's advent window. Along the road of milestones on yesterday's show I declared them to be the best band ever.

That road of inspirational musical milestones is a COUNTRY ROAD where you can find John Denver.

Let's be silly for a moment:

Let's be very silly !

NO, this is not silly this is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS !

And with that I'll shut up, publish the blog and head to the radio studio.

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