Monday, 17 December 2018


Is your Christmas Tree sparkling ?

Mine is !

Is your life sparkling ?

What a Christmas this is turning out to be.

I don't remember one quite like this.

On Friday I will be heading to Milton Keynes Hospital and Ronald McDonald House which works with Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital to deliver all of the fantastic gifts of love you wonderful friends have have donated to Secret Santa.

So many gifts of love.



Have you seen what's happening with  The Mini Libs ?

Christmas sensation or Christmas sensation !

Better have some music I guess.

NO, that is not a Christmas song but it so perfectly explains the deluge of love which is flowing this Christmas.

Uganda is a long way away yet your love has reach to a family through our toilet twinning programme.

We are getting closer every day to touching another family to provide their home with the basic sanitation of a toilet.

More music and this time I will make it something a bit Chrstmasy.....

I will be playing that on today's show, Jim Reeves' Christmas album will be my featured special on MUSIC FROM MY
VINYL COLLECTION. I will be live from 6am to 8am CLICK HERE to listen.  If you are a lazy bones the PODCAST will be available from around 9.30am.

Wednesday's show is being extended to THREE hours. I have a very special guest joining me, George Ridley Director of LightForce International.  LightForce has a project running in Uganda, George is coming to tell you all about that country and give an insight into the importance of our toilet twinning project.

That certainly is a show NOT to be missed.

The Mini Libs -

What can I say ?  What ever I say will be out of date within moment. Their amazing Christmas Single - JINGLE GIRLS is a Christmas Sensation.

I  am so proud to have had a part to play in the love The Mini Libs have brought to Christmas 2018.

Twelve Year Ollie is doing a spot on all of my radio shows
this week.

All download sales from JINGLE GIRLS are being donated to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

It was Christmas 2017 when I first started to take notice of the situation of homeless, rough-sleeping people in our city. In January I met two rough-sleepers who have since become my very dearest friends - Josh and Jelena.

Let's listen to The Mini Libs.

I love my job as a radio DJ. I am so privileged and deeply honored that the music I play has inspired so much love.

Can I play a music Christmas Card for you in Christmas week ?  CLICK HERE and send some love.

I have stopped using the radio station's jingle pallet to introduce my shows, instead I am using this.

Over the music I introduce the music I will play across the next two hours.  I used to have 76 Tombstones as a single in
my original vinyl collection.  OK, he is a bit older than I am but that was before a certain gentleman first heard it then adopted it as the entrance march for his concerts.

Andre Rieu has the same philosophy as I do about music. We both play music to make people smile and be happy. The music of Andre Rieu will form my Thursday show WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS - particularly this piece.

When I play that piece on Thursday I will have a special message to share, a message of smiles and love.

So is your Christmas Tree sparkling ?

Is it sparking with smiles and love ?


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