Sunday, 4 November 2018

Thumbs crossed

Have I got some amazing music for you this week on the radio - SIX HOURS OF IT.

Can  I  tell  you  about it ?

Yesterday evening I sat down and wrote a doings list for the week.  I do not think I have the fist chance of completing say thirty percent of it. Still let's try.

But I did yesterday finish writing within the website an admin page inviting certain friends to take over different areas of what we are doing. Two friends have given this the thumbs up.As for my thumbs, I have them crossed that everyone will get on board.

Today I will work on a couple of pages for the website - I am working on the galleries area to
share pictures from all we have done over the past eighteen months. I want also to write a page inviting people to POP BY the distribution events for both MK Soup Run and The Food Bank, to show love, support and say THANK YOU to those
who are running these fantastic organisations. I need to update the ZIP WIRE challenge page and prepare posters to distribute about Milton Keynes which will promote our music.

I think I may manage to do that.  THUMBS CROSSED.

Tomorrow at 6am I will be live on the radio with this week's show - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION. This week the featured album will be BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER with Simon and Garfunkel, one of the top selling albums of all time and in my personal opinion the greatest of all albums.

To listen live go to and click on LISTEN.  The PODCAST will be available by about 10am. Since I started playing music on the radio just over two months ago 155 friends have listened to 3,254 minutes of music.

Wednesday's LET'S INSPIRE MK show will be music for good causes as I tell everyone about the good causes we are supporting.

Thursday's WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS show will be different. I am making this a special show to play music from World War I and World War II in honour of all who served their country. I really am hoping I achieve a vast audience for this show, not for my own ego but for those who gave their young lives so people like me can live their old lives.

On Friday I will be meeting with Mike, the programme
controller at Radio CRMK to talk about our Toilet Twinning project. Saturday I am going to Fenny Poppers then on Sunday I will be at the War Memorial in Fenny Stratford to honour our ward dead.

So that's my week, that's my doings list.  Each day, in addition to leaving the laptop behind and getting out to the Poppers, the War Memorial and the studio there are things to be done for the website. Thumbs crossed I can tick everything off.



There's two hundred hours of music on the website so go there and listen - 


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