Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Things we need to do

It's WEDNESDAY and that means it's blog day.

Can I share some of my DOINGS LIST and ask for help ?

Do you think that may make it to NUMBER ONE for Christmas in our music chart ?

I have a feeling it may.  Have you checked the latest chart ?  CLICK HERE....

Gifts for SECRET SANTA are pouring in.  It's ambitious to be sending gifts to THREE hospitals, last year we did just one but I am confident we will send a packed sleigh to Sheffield Childrens' Hospital, Birmingham Childrens' Hospital and Ward Five Milton Keynes Hospital.

LISA and MAGGIE have volunteered, so we need one more volunteer - one for each hospital, to take gifts wrap them, label them and store them until Santa's Sleigh can make the deliveries.

Pictured left is Santa's Sleigh which with its new turbo charger can do around 40 miles to
the gallon. We have penciled in Friday 21st December to make the deliveries, we will check this is OK with the three hospitals. Santa would like to have one or two elves come along to help.


Rudolph is polishing his nose. We will have a couple of car boot sales to put fuel in the car so any STUFF you have we could sell will be most welcome.

Saturday marks the start of Advent when we will launch our
Advent Calendar, each day a new musical window on YouTube.

Last year Secret Santa was our most successful project, this year it will be even more so.  Just those few little
areas on the doings list where help is needed. AND, of course, keep the gifts flowing in.  

Did you catch the new show this week - MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX ?

Podcast now on-line..... CLICK HERE

Today at 6am I will be bringing you an amazing fun pop music quiz in the Let's Inspire programme.  Then on Thursday my featured composer in Wake Up With The Classics will be Felix Mendelssohn. 

Let's have a preview for each show.

That will be in today's show. This will be part of tomorrow.



I am going into the studio to record something to add into next Wednesday's show. THE MINILABS are coming in to talk about their new Christmas Charity Video.

Who are The MiniLabs ?

These are The MiniLabs !


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