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I write a daily news blog, have done since January 2017, to share our music and love with friends and supporters. However, for the past FIVE days there has not been a page. Sorry..............

Jelena has been in hospital having a minor operation on her leg, I have been mega busy supporting her on a practical level and supporting Josh on an emotional and friendship level. She is out of hospital and now in a recovery programme which will take a week to ten
days before she is back to normal but as far as this blog is concerned NORMALITY returns today. So here's a bit of a NEWS UPDATE including: Fenny Poppers Armistice Day Secret Santa  Toilet Twining  e-bay/carboot/on-line shop  Bletchley
Lights  New radio show (s)  This week's broadcasts

I am going to wrap all of the NEWS around this week's Top Twenty Chart - CLICK HERE AND CHECK IT OUT

FENNY POPPERS - Last year I was given the great honour of firing one of the cannon in this ancient legend celebrating Saint Martin's Day. Today Josh, Jelena and myself, anyone have a sack barrow we can borrow to push Jelena on and save her having to hobble on crutches ? We will be there to take photographs for future blog editions and to gather information which I will include in my radio shows next week.

For my Thursday radio show last week I broadcast a special edition honouring all those who served their country. If you missed it CLICK HERE for the podcast.

I will be joining the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Bletchley tomorrow. Depending on her leg and if we can find a pair of roller skates for Jelena, she and Josh will be there with me.

Jelena shared some of her grandmother's memories of Russia in World War II which I included in last Thursday's show.

Here's the first gift for SECRET SANTA 2018. Lisa, who is to  be our team's e-bay manager and Treasurer, has gifts to be picked up. West Blechley Community Centre has started its collection of love for families who have a child sick in hospital over Christmas. Yesterday I met with Radio CRMK Programme Controller Mike to talk about how the radio can support what is our biggest project of the year.

PLEASE CLICK HERE and see how you can spread love.

The plan had been for Josh, Jelena and myself to start taking round posters to shops, doctors surgeries, community groups and so on to advertise Secret Santa but that has not happened. We'll need to get on the case this coming week.

Twinning our toilet......On my recent visit to Devon I stopped at a service station - you know what for !  In the loo there was a poster saying the toilet was twinned with a loo in Africa. This caught my imagination, I checked up the twinning organisation then on my return I suggested to Radio CRMK we should twin our studio loo with a loo in Uganda.  My fellow presenters grabbed the idea and have made it happen. As soon as I have finished writing today's page I will be logging in to the twinning page to have over the money we collected.

This coming week I will be preparing a press release to national TV, radio and newspapers inviting them to report on our toilet.

Starting at 11.30pm on Monday 31st December 2018 and running all the way to noon on Tuesday 1st January 2019 I will be broadcasting a marathon show to tell the world all about our studio loo.

Each show I broadcast I watch the computer with great interest to see where my listeners. I am now going to keep a
record of the countries where friends tune in.

On Thursday I had listeners in: Germany  France  USA  UK  Macedonia and Angola

CLICK HERE to listen to the show.

I have not decided what format this Toilet Celebration will take, I want to speak with my fellow presenters, but if you want to drop by and say HI to the world you will be welcome.

I am in the process of building a team of people around our music - I am THE GERIATRIC DJ when it comes to a person but this is also a brand - the brand of our website - CHECK IT OUT  ANDY continues to do a fantastic job
collecting STUFF for our boot sales, PAUL drove all the way from Bristol yesterday with STUFF and LISA tells me she has STUFF for us to sell.

We need our boot sales to help fund the music but they also publicise and support the good causes we wrap the music around.

PROBLEM - the turbo charger on the Jag has blown and quite simply I do not have the £515 need to repair it. Not quite sure what we are going to do. We have to be there, not doing a sale this week as we are at Fenny Poppers but we need to think how we cope on Saturday 17th November.

ANYWAY - we do have our website's on-line shop CHECK IT OUT and LISA is going to set up an e-bay shop.  I need to get my act together so she can start on this over the coming week. 

We URGENTLY need help with our support for BLETCHLEY & FENNY STRATFORD CHRISTMAS LIGHTS SWITCH ON which is happening TWO weeks today.


CLICK HER... CLICK HERE even Life is a TYPO if you don't make a few you are not living it properly

On Monday 26th November I will be starting a FOURTH show on RADIO CRMK - 6am to 8am MONDAY MUSIC MEGA MIX.


Wednesday it's LET'S INSPIRE MK.


To join me all you have to do is to go to and click on LISTEN. The PODCASTS are available via our website or CLICK HERE

Yes, there will be a fifth show, probably starting in the New Year where I will feature my new Top Twenty Chart each week in a show PICK OF THE POPS

I love being a Radio DJ. This past week which has been difficult as I have been helping my dear friends Josh and Jelena, my time live on air has been a special time and a way to recharge my batteries.

My phone storage is always filling up, I never get less than four text messages a day from Josh - usually his text messages are in double figures !  I am going to share something he sent me a couple of days back.  He sent it to me but it is to all of our listeners, readers, friends and supporters:

Thank you for everything you are doing for us both, Lena is right you are the person that is always here for us and we will never meet or have anyone like you. So yes we do love you and you are our family xx

But that is what our music is all about - SPREADING LOVE.

Here's something from the chart for PAUL our promotions manager.

PAUL you favourite song.

On the radio this week my shows will be:

TUESDAY 6am to 8am - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION - Featured Album Jesus Christ Superstar

WEDNESDAY 6am to 8am - LETS INSPIRE MY - show title TRACKS - special reports from Fenny Poppers and Armistice Parade

THURSDAY - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS - Featured Composer Handel 

Not in the headline at the top of the page but here's a bit of a NEEDS LIST....

Does anyone have ?????

An old Citroen Saxo or small van - age and state of being knackered not an issue just so long as it is road worthy - something we can use for the boot sales.

A laptop and/or tablet we can use to develop our music.

STUFF to see at the boot sales, on-line shop and e-bay shop.


To end this news update here's the current number one.


To listen LIVE to the shows CLICK ON LISTEN

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