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Special Edition - PART TWO

UPDATED Saturday 17th November. Scroll down to number 14 in the music

The Geriatric DJ.....

Playing music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire support for good causes.

Stewart Bailey sent me this.....

Smiling is infectious, you catch it like flu - 

When someone started smiling at me today I started smiling too.
I walked around the corner and someone saw me grin.

When he smiles I realised I had passed it on to him.

I thought about the smile and realised its worth.

A single smile like mine could travel wound the earth.

So if you feel a smile begin do not leave it undetected

Start an epidemic and get the world infected !

Will you help me to take the vision of The Geriatric DJ and Stewart's poem to infect the world with smiles ?

It is FRIDAY and that means a new Top Twenty chart.  As I take friends through this special edition and invite you to start the epidemic Stewart is suggesting I will play music from that chart.

Publication of blog pages over the past two weeks has been erratic. This is partly down to my simply having too much to do with not enough days in the week, partly down to my needing help to cover all the areas of work which pour in every day and my spending much of my day with our special friends Josh and Jelena, both have personal and health issues I have tried to help them with. For now they need to take a back seat within our music.

As a person I am The Geriatric DJ but the music is more than me. If we want to start the epidemic Stewart Speaks of it is the brand we have to build and not the person.


To play the music and to start the epidemic we need two things:
People and Money
In saying money it is important that NOTHING is taken from any money we generate through the smiles for good causes, indeed I think the good causes should take charge themselves of money and SUPPORT does not always mean
money.  We have expenses and these will grow significantly if our music is successful but I also believe that we should put a few pounds into individual team members pockets to cover their costs and to say thank you.  We need to be a support group and not a charity or company ion our own right although the latter may need to happen at some stage.

Let's look at the music we have.

Currently I present THREE early morning shows on RADIO CRMK - 6am to 8am

TUESDAY - Music From My Vinyl Collection
WEDNESDAY - Let's Inspire
THURSDAY - Wake Up With The Classics

Starting on MONDAY 26th November there will be MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX

Provisional date for a FRIDAY SHOW  is 4th January. PICK OF THE POPS

I will be hosting a NEW YEAR special show 11.30pm Monday 31st December to 12noon Tuesday 1st January.

It is very important the relationship is clear. I am one of a team of presenters on Radio CRMK. The directors allow me to use the music to support good causes but Radio CRMK is NOT part of The Geriatric DJ as a brand. That has to be clear.  The brand supports and promotes the radio station NOT the other way round.

To get a feel for my radio style and content please listen to some of my PODCASTS

I had hoped the total blog readership would reach 100,000 by Christmas but that is now looking unlikely. We need to rethink the blog, to have more than just myself writing it and to promote it far more effectively. We need to have the blog attracting a minimum of 200 visitors a day.

The website is OK but needs finishing with some areas being updated and others brought in. Throughout the website we need to re position Josh and Jelena, I hope temporarily.  The site is currently pulling around 10 visitors a day.  It needs to be 100 and then 1,000 a day. The website, of course is 

Radio Love is the music we play in the community.

There are 437 music videos on our YouTube Channel

The music is good but the channel does need to be tidied up so it is easier to navigate and content needs to be added on a more regular basis. We do have the facility to broadcast live into the channel.

We have our mission: Playing music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire support for good causes.

We have Stewart's poem and a wish to infect the world.

We have the areas where we can play the music.


I will add my thinking and invite your comments on an update to this page tomorrow.


Make a note in your diary SUNDAY 13th January 3pm.

Let's get together all who would be willing to join a team to start the smile epidemic. Meet at my home, for afternoon tea and a brainstorm session. We can chat about the ideas I will share with you and see who would like to be involved and at what level.

PAUL is doing a great job promoting The Geriatric DJ - he has some amazing ideas which will really take things
forward.  LISA will manage our Facebook page - are you a member ?  CLICK HERE  We need within the PROMOTIONS TEAM as many people as we can find who will use social media to tell people about our music. We need someone who will manage press releases and build up a relationship with the media. We also need to find someone who would be willing to take over running YouTube.

LISA is to be in charge of money as Treasurer. She will also set up an e-bay shop and manage PayPal. ANDY is already doing a fantastic job collecting stuff for us to sell at the car boot sales and now the e-bay shop. We need to build a team of boot sale helpers who will help out on an occasional basis.

RADIO LOVE is where we will take music out into the community to support good causes.

We need someone who will manage this area of our work with an event every four or six weeks.

While we have a vast vinyl collection and a traditional disco twin deck the thinking is to find about ten local mobile disco operators who would be willing once a year to do a freebie and play music at an event.

The aim of every note of music we play is to: To play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire support for good causes. At the moment we support:
  • The Food Bank
  • MK Soup Run
  • Ronald McDonald House Birmingham
  • Sheffield Wednesday FC
  • Blood and Organ Donation
  • Helping MK Homeless
  • Toilet Twinning
  • Sunshine Smile Day

I am hoping that STEWART will take charge of our good cause area of the music. We need to build round Stewart a team where every single cause we support has its own manager. The manager will be the point of contact for the good cause and in overall charge of the support we generate for that cause.

There is one other area which we would like to develop - it's
a BIGGIE so let's leave that until the next update.

Blog readership yesterday was good.

Let's close with Number 8 in the chart.

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