Thursday, 29 November 2018

Let's make this a FANTASTIC FRIDAY...

It's FRIDAY....


Did you miss the last blog ?  CLICK HERE.

From that blog we now have two of the three people we need to prepare Santa's delivery to the three hospitals.

We play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire support for good causes. We play music here on our blog, on our website, on YouTube, in the community and on the radio.

How about this for next week's THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK ?

Today I would like to take a look at the GOOD CAUSES we
support, some we would like to support and how we can move everything forward.

SUNDAY 13th January 3pm we are having a meeting to discuss many things including which good causes we support, how and why.

I may be The Geriatric DJ as a person but I am only the front man for The Geriatric DJ as a brand. Therefore, as I now make a list of good causes this list is only a starting point. It is up to the team and the Fan Club on our FACEBOOK PAGE to decide.

Ronald McDonald House Birmingham - that's where everything started and, obviously, I want it to continue.

Blood and organ donation with a wider love for the NHS.

The Food Bank.

The Homeless. We currently support Helping
MK Homeless but following the wonderful singing of MiniLibs we will probably be expanding this area.

We, of course, have our friendship with Sheffield Wednesday Football Club which we work with to support families with a child sick in hospital.

The Milton Keynes Soup Run.

I would like to add in an animal charity. Stewart has suggested Animals In Need Northamptonshire.

I would like to include The National Trust at Stowe.

I would also like to bring in an organisation I have found which loves drug addicts out of their hell and into a new life.

NINE good causes. There is NO WAY we could possibly cope with NINE organisations.


First of all SUPPORT does not always mean money.

THEN we set up the activities, the individual causes take and to use for themselves.

My original thinking was we should have one team member to link with each good cause, nine team members. I doubt we will find nine. BUT how about tipping everything on the head ?  Not only would this mean we could
take on EVERY good cause and even more BUT we would not need a team member.  How about we invite each good cause to link one of their volunteers to us. They come to us and ask for our help rather than our having a team member to offer. MORE EFFICIENT - MORE EFFECTIVE - YEH what do you think ?

Just one thing - everything began with Rebekah's smile and Ronald McDonald House. I would like personally to be the link guy for this good cause.



Being FRIDAY a new chart has been published. CLICK HERE.

This is the new number one.....

TOMORROW is 1st December, the start of ADVENT, we will begin our music ADVENT CALENDAR on YouTube. Each day the music will open on our website home page 

Here's a quick preview of the first window....

MONDAY - meeting with Maggie to discuss good causes

MONDAY - Watching Royal Ballet Nutcracker

SATURDAY - Car boot sale Irish centre

And a lot more to come no doubt !

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And a round up of this week's radio shows.....

WEDNESDAY 6am to 8am - LET'S INSPIRE - Step Into Christmas With The MiniLibs
THURSDAY 6am to 8am - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS - Nutcracker Special

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A new entry at number four in thew charts - could this be our Christmas Number One ?  CLICK HERE

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