Friday, 2 November 2018

I will get there

I will get there - I promise I will. Honest !

On YESTERDAY'S BLOG PAGE I talked about delegating areas of The Geriatric DJ and building a small team to take our music forward. 

I am on the case, honest I am. All being well I can start giving out invitations to potential team members by the end of tomorrow.

Are you worried you may not receive an invitation to join the team ?  CLICK HERE NOW and book an invitation for yourself.

That is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of music in my life.  Not my favourite piece of music but my most important.

An end of term assembly was held one Friday afternoon in

Boldmere High School for Boys Sutton Coldfield. We sand the school hymn and then Lord Dismiss Us.

As soon as the assembly was over a particularly arrogant and self-opinionated teenager walked out of the school gates, turned to make a very rude gesture to the building and started a new life.

Up in the staff room the teachers were knocking back the alcohol and saying THANK GOD THAT LITTLE SOD HAS LEFT !

This, of course, is my most loved piece of music. I will argue with anyone and everyone that it is the greatest piece of music ever written.

Take away the words and you have a beautiful piece of music. Divorce the music and you are left with the words of a powerful poem.

It did not begin that July day when I left school, perhaps two or so years after but I have tried ever since to live my life like a bridge over troubled water.

It was a day in October 1971, Freshers Day at Oxford. A boring service to kill the brains of we students brought to an end with a student reading a poem. This poem.

I have kept those words close to my heart ever since, they are my philosophy of life. This poem will be read at my funeral, it is in my will as is playing Bridge Over Troubled Water.

This will also be played at my funeral. I played it last week on my Thursday radio show.

It will also be played at my funeral. It is tradition for people to clap during the music. People at my funeral will clap to say EITHER he was a good guy OR thank goodness he's gone !

My epitaph will be....


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