Tuesday, 13 November 2018

I am getting a divorce

I am getting a DIVORCE....

I bet that made you look didn't it !

NAH not a divorce from my beloved Maureen - wait and see, I'll tell you about my divorce later.

HEY... Tuesday's show - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL  COLLECTION attracted a mega-wide audience with friends listening in - WAIT FOR IT...

Let's have a track from the show.

Being in the studio early every morning, I like to be there for 5am so I am ready and totally chilled for going live at 6am, is messing up the blog.  It was OK when I was just presenting one show a week but now I am hitting the air Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I'll let you into a secret, a secret that everyone knows, on Monday 26th November I will be broadcasting my fourth show - nice bit of alteration here - MONDAY MORNING MUSIC MEGA MIX.

Let's have another track from today's show, something from this week's featured album JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

You can catch the entire show on PODCAST by CLICKING

Yes, there will be a fifth show so I will be live Monday to Friday 6am to 8am. I'll be bringing that into the schedule round about Christmas.

So what about this divorce ?

PAUL STANLEY is now Marketing Manager for The Geriatric DJ and feels we need to separate the person - ME from the music brand.

Paul wants to stop using my Facebook profile for the music and so we have set up a Geriatric DJ Group.


Setting this up it was intended to be an open group which anyone could use without having to be a member.  I am convinced that Microsoft has taken over Facebook, it is getting more NAF by the day. So........................

PLEASE CLICK HERE and visit the new Geriatric DJ Group
then put in a request to join.

Our mission..............

Playing music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire support for good causes.

To listen to my shows LIVE on Radio CRMK just go to www.crmk.co.uk and click on LISTEN.   For the podcasts CLICK HERE  For more music visit our website www.geriatricdj.com

We are going to have to change the way the music blog works, I simply can not write a page first thing in the morning as I have for the past two years.  There was no page again yesterday, today's page was written yesterday afternoon, let's see if I can get into a new routine.

How about something from today's Let's Inspire show ?

During the show I will be reporting on my visit on Tuesday evening to see the film BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.

Let's have a look at the official trailer.

OK - let's leave it there for today shall we.

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