Saturday, 10 November 2018

Fenny Poppers

Last year I was invited to fire one of the FENNY POPPERS, what an honour that was.

Yesterday I went along to support this ancient tradition. I was honoured for a second year to be invited to fire one of the cannons.

I took Jelena along with me, she shot the video above. It rained, it rained heavily. So heavily that the firing was delayed. Gunpowder and rain water do not mix well.

A bit of a pun bit let's have some music for Fenny Poppers !

Tomorrow I will be joining the parade in Bletchley to honour those who fell while serving their country.

Have you listened to the special programme I broadcast last Thursday - CLASSICS WITH HONOUR  ?  I played two hours of music to honour those who gave their young lives so people like me could live their old lives.

CLICK HERE for the podcast.

This is something I played on the show.

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