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When things are tough the ONLY option is to smile

102 friends checked yesterday's page. Did you miss it ?  CLICK HERE

That brings the total readership since I started the blog in January 2017 to 77,220. I am hoping, as I have said many times before, that it will reach 100,000 by Christmas.

LOOKING GOOD but I am disappointed. ONLY Josh shared the page. Nobody posted a comment and nobody liked it on


All of the music I am playing on today's page will feature in Wednesday's edition of Let's Inspire MK.

The sub-title of the show is MUSIC INTO ACTION.  I will be playing a total of 32 inspirational tracks while I invite listeners to go out and do something very special over the coming week.

More of that in a moment or two but first can I ask you to beta test some web pages I am writing.


I have that track on original vinyl.

The damn, wretched BBC - The BULLSHIT Broadcasting Corporation - I HATE THE BBC ! All week this failing institution has been saying Saturday would be a day of non-stop heavy rain. We, therefore, decided not to go to the car boot sale today. The car is not loaded. DAMN THE BBC, now it says light rain. We would have gone and taken a chance on light rain.

I enjoy going to the boot sales, I like to talk to people. However, everything is dependent on the weather. The lovely Irish Centre will soon be closing down for the winter. We will still go along to Milton Keynes Bowl on Sundays, it continues all year.
Within the website we are developing we are adding an on-line cyber car boot sale.

I am NOT asking you to buy anything but I AM asking you if you would be so kind as to beta test what we have on-line so far and make sure it works before Josh, Jelena and I add in all we have to sell. SIMPLY CLICK HERE

If you find anything wrong - busted links - typo's - or you simply do not like the design hit me on FACEBOOK or drop me an e-mail at 

2.38am - I am up working at the PC. The phone has just
binged with a message from Josh who is about to go to bed ! I do enjoy receiving his end of day inspirational text messages. Winson Churchill, had there been mobile phone in his day would have said KEEP BUGGERING ON but Josh is far too polite - his text said SOLDIER ON !

Here's Josh and Mrs Josh with a pile of items we recently collected for The Food Bank. There is another stack we have collected which we will deliver to the warehouse next week.

Every tin or packet we collect has one of our smiling love stickers on it.

That piece of music was written by a Milton Keynes man, did you know that ? Listen to Wednesday's show and I will tell you more. 

If as a result of the music I play on Wednesday if I can inspire just ONE person to put just ONE tin into a collection box for The Food Bank the broadcast will have been worthwhile. Just one tin of love which would not have been given had it not been for the broadcast.

Putting a tin or a packet into a Food Bank collection point will cost you some money - £1 ?  50p ?  The other things I am hoping to inspire you to do after you have listened to the music on Wednesday will cost you precisely NOTHING ! No money but lots of LOVE.

Do you remember the homeless, rough-sleeping man who for two years could be found outside Aldi Supermarket at Westcroft Milton Keynes ?  

He is not there any more.  Where is he ?

He is happy, he has a new life, he is living in his own home in Scotland.

All of that happened because Jelena Morgan showed him love and persuaded him to change his life. YES, Milton Keynes Council did its bit but for two years it did nothing. It was the love Jelena showed to Malcolm that brought about the change.

Even when they were homeless and rough-sleeping themselves Josh and Jelena Morgan supported other who were in the same situation. They would share the food people gave them. Now in their own home and building a fantastic new live for themselves not a week goes by when they do not show love and kindness to a homeless and rough-sleeping person.

I am NOT asking anyone to give money or food to a homeless person but I will be asking listeners to take time to talk to someone, to show them a bit of love, friendship and understanding.

OMG there is a typo in that website banner !  I need to fix it.

If one, just one person, from Wednesday's show gives a bit of love to someone living on the streets the broadcast will have been worth it.

When Jelena was still living in a tent I told her this was a beautiful world, she thought I was talking rubbish. A month or so ago she said to me: You were right - this is a beautiful world.
Do not get me wrong, my friends may have come a million miles but they have another zillion to go. They will get there. I am so proud of them. They have caught my vision for music and are supporting me every inch of the way.

On Wednesday's show I will tell listeners a sad, pathetic tale of cowardice. MY COWARDICE !  I am ashamed of that cowardice and want the world to know all about it.

I am proud and love telling anyone who will listen that Thomas Ashford won the Victoria Cross for bravery. I hold the PATHETIC CROSS FOR COWARDICE.

On Wednesday 17th October I will be going to my thrice a year blood donor session. I will be giving my 27th pint. BIG DEAL !  If I had not been such a wretched coward and given
blood when it was first suggested this would be my 158th pint. If playing the music and broadcasting my cowardice I can find one more person to become a blood donor it will make Wednesday a very special day.

As well as being The Geriatric DJ, a radio presenter, I am Max Robinson, writer. Within the website Josh, Mrs Josh and I are building there will be an area where we will use the books I have written to support the music we play. There was a time when, as well as writing books, I wrote articles for magazines and newspapers. 

For one newspaper article I met and wrote about a lady by the name of Elizabeth Ward. 

Elizabeth was a very wealthy lady, she and he husband lived in a giant mansion in Surrey. She was a lovely but very formidable person. When I visited her home Elizabeth and her husband lived in a tiny flat within the mansion, every
other room was turned over to house the offices of The British Kidney Patients Association and The Organ Donor Card.

Elizabeth's son Timothy, Timbo, died from kidney failure. This inspired Elizabeth to launch the donor card. During our time together Elizabeth predicted that a time would come when the actual physical donor card would be redundant, people would simply make it known that on their death they would wish their organs to be used in transplants to save the lives of others

If playing music and telling of my meeting Elizabeth Ward on my show next Wednesday encourages just one person to become an organ donor it will be worth while.

When a family tragically lost their little boy they gave his organs, one kidney saved the life of my darling daughter Rebekah.

Years later, when Rebekah's transplant was failing, the love of that family's kidney had given my darling daughter had run its
course, I put myself forward as a live donor. There is now a system where a living person can anonymously donate a kidney into a pool to save a life. It is a painful process but there is no danger at all to the life of the person making the donation.

I was turned down as a donor, I will explain why in a moment. If giving an organ could have meant Rebekah would not have died but I would have died in her place would I have still been a donor ?  

If I could donate a kidney and lose my own life to save either of my two sons, their wives, their children would I do it ?


How abut giving my life for a friend in order to save theirs ?  Josh Morgan ?   Jelena Morgan ? And others ?  YES !

What about doing this for a total stranger ?

I was turned down as a live donor for the kidney pool because I am diagnosed Type Two Diabetic.  I AM NOT !  Ever since the diagnosis I have argued against it and refused
to take any medication. I eat cakes, I eat sweets, other than sugar drinks I eat and drink anything that takes my fancy - I am NOT Type Two Diabetic.

I have a letter following extensive blood sugar tests saying my blood sugar levels are perfectly NORMAL.

Yesterday I was at Milton Keynes Hospital for my annual diabetic eye test. This is a detailed and uncomfortable examination but very thorough and detailed.


When I receive the letter from the hospital with the results next week I plan to send a copy, and a copy of the blood sugar level letter, to  the consultant who cared for Beck and BEG to be taken into the live donor programme.

If one person listening to my show on Wednesday morning
joins the porogramme and saves a life all of the music in the two hours on air will be worth it.

You can listen LIVE to The Geriatric DJ between 6am and 8am on Wednesday 10th October. All you have to do is to go to www, and click on LISTEN.

CLICK HERE for  the podcasts of my shows. Wednesday's podcast will be available by noon.

Over the coming week Josh, Jelena and I will work on the website which we will use to take music to anyone who will listen - music to make people smile, be happy and make this an even more beautiful world.

The plan is to have the website fully operational by the end of next week. Do us a favour and beta test the shop pages - PLEASE CLICK HERE

One way or another we will find the laptop Josh so urgently needs to work on the website.

Josh is 27 years old, Mrs Josh is 31 years old. Add their ages together and I can still give them 10 years but then I am The Geriatric DJ. NO, the three of us together are The Geriatric DJ.

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