Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday was TERRIFIC TUESDAY.....

Will today be WIKID WEDNESDAY ?

3.09am and here I am at the PC writing today's edition ahead of my going to the studio for today'sedition of LET'S INSPIRE MK !


What kind of idiots run these organisations ?  First of all I have issues logging in to gmail, then Blogger is not working
properly now YouTube is completely up the creek !

No, the Geeks are on overdrive !

SO GOOGLE !  Look at yesterday's figures. Didn't we do well !

Now YouTube is working but Blogger will not import video ! 

AT THAT POINT I GAVE UP - I picked Josh up and headed to the studio for him watch The Geriatric DJ broadcast. Back home again Google appears to have sorted out it's mess so at 10.08am let's start writing again.

Ok having broadcast the show, I am listening to the podcast right now, the wind has been taken out of my sails as to what
I was planning to write. Join me and listen by CLICKING HERE.

Joining me in the studio this morning was The Eternal Teenager aka Josh. He did not come to appear as a guest although I did manager to get him to say HELLO, he was there with his laptop to promote the show
while he was working on our website

I did a lot of work on the website yesterday, probably about another twenty hours then it can go live. Well it is live even if we are trying to keep it under wraps !

Under wraps ?  It has already has friends in 27 towns, cities and villages in TEN countries of the world checking it out. The website brings together the music I play on the radio, the music on our daily blog, YouTube and in the community under one heading.  Josh has agreed to take charge of
YouTube and sort out the mess I have been making !

If you promise to excuse the mess, until Josh sorts it out, just go to any page on our website and click on the YouTube icon. On every page there is a minimum of two videos from our channel playing.

OK, let's have today's video blog filmed a few hours ago in to the studio.

I am listening to the podcast as I write - 10.41am and actually it doesn't sound at all bad if I can set modest aside.  Join me CLICK HERE

Today's show had a sub-title of WISE WORDS AND GREAT MUSIC.  Here are some wise words we added to the website yesterday.

Ben also made his first appearance on YouTube yesterday.

I got out of bed at 3am ready to head to the studio, Josh had not gone to bed !  When I dropped him home after the show he got his head down.  On the video blog you may hear him say Forgive me if I fall asleep.  Josh did not fall asleep during the broadcast, how could he with such fantastic music playing.

One of the good causes we support on our website is Blood and Organ donation.  In an hour I will be heading off to donate blood. Are you a blood donor ?  Can our music inspire you to sign up.

Just looked at Josh's Facebook Page - he said he was writing playlists while he was in the studio !  I guess that's the difference between The geriatric DJ and The Eternal Teenager !

On the website we have something called RADIO  
BONKERES - check it out ! CLICK HERE  Josh, Mrs Josh and I will be dancing The Lambeth Walk on THE

LAMBETH WALK in the Spring to support Help Our MK Homeless. 

If you listen to today's podcast you will hear The Geriatric DJ say just how much weight I have lost in recent weeks, I now have a wist size I used to have when I was nineteen years old.

During the show I had a brain wave for another Radio Bonkers project to support a good cause. You will have to listen to the PODCAST in order to learn more.

I don't think Josh considered it to be a good idea !

11.30am I had better publish the blog and get ready for blood donors.

I'll be back on the radio tomorrow at 6am with WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS. Simply go to and click on LISTEN. For the lazy bones among you I guess you can check out the POPDCAST

OK let's sign off.  Catch you again tomorrow.

David - The Geriatric DJ and Josh - The Eternal Teenager

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