Sunday, 28 October 2018

Rocking all over the world

Life is a lot more fun if you are silly.

Life isn't worth bothering about if you are not having fun !

Happy, smiling people read today's blog - sad, miserable people re tune to Radio Boring.

How well do you know your doggies ?  Have a bit of fun with our CANINE QUIZ - CLICK HERE !

And how is your knowledge of RETRO POP - HOW CLEVER ARE YOU - CLICK HERE

What about the TV programmes you watched in years gone by ?  CLICK HERE

Where Classical Music meets Rock and Roll.....

Have you enjoyed the music in this week's TOP TWENTY ?

This and a whole lot more can be found on our website, music to make you smile and be happy.....

We launched the website on the world on Saturday morning. We have had friends in 43 different cities, towns and villages in 12 countries check the website. We are indeed Rocking All Over The World.

That's a good start but if we are truly going to make our music work - music here on the blog, music on YouTube, music on this website and music I play on the radio we need
a team around us.

Please do not ignore this request to CLICK HERE - PLEASE.... At the moment our music is being played and listened to by a lot of people but we need to make the music ROCK. To do that we need a TEAM of people. 

From friends who will read this blog page each morning then share it on social media.  Through to giving a few hours on an occasional basis to help at the
various events we want to put on.

Right up to taking on a major management role within The Geriatric DJ.

CLICK HERE and check out the areas of help we need to make our music rock then come and roll with us.  CLICK HERE


Life is a DISCO so DANCE.

Make sure when you go to bed tonight you have had a FUNDAY MONDAY

We have had listeners in California, New York, Utah and Virgina but not yet Tennessee so CLICK HERE and help fix that.

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