Sunday, 14 October 2018

Monday Music Mega Mix

Welcome to the new week !

As I share today's news, views and my own arrogant opinion let's have a bit of alliteration.....


That was a ONE HIT WONDER by Soft Cell - Tainted Love from 1982, This is my Monday choice of music to help you start your day.

The weather here yesterday was GROTTY so venturing outside was impossible or at the very least FOOLISH. I spent most of the day working on our MEGA SITE. May I invite you to check out the pages I worked on yesterday.

CLICK HERE to see the Radio Bonkers pages where we are offering some fun, silly projects to good causes. The Lambeth Walk will now happen with Helping MK Homeless.
Yesterday I also finished writing this page.

CLICK HERE and see what Santa is planning.

Monday Music Mega Mix - let's have a bit of Barbershop.

My latest book, Fantasies of a Geriatric DJ, can now also be read on the MEGA WEB.  I am working on chapter two.

CLICK AND READ I must stress this is an early draft so please excuse the typo's ! Speaking of typo's...............

Let's have a bit of choral music.

I am inviting friends to check out the MEGA WEB as I work on it but am trying not to let it grab a wider audience, not just

I am failing.  Google Analytics tell me that people have checked the site out from UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, GERMANY, SPAIN, IRELAND, BRAZIL and SINGAPORE. 

Within these different countries the site has found friends in 22 towns, cities and countries.

Let's pop a bit of Music Hall into our Monday Music Mega Mix

Google Analytics show that nobody from The Steel City has yet found the MEGA WEB. CLICK HERE to read what we are doing with the Owls.

I am trying not to let the Mega Web go viral until I have done
a couple of things. I want to write the JOIN OUR TEAM page as nothing is going to happen and the entire project will fall flat on its face if I can not gather round me the help I need. I also have to fill our on-line shop - THE OLD SQUARE RECORD SHOP, with things to sell so we have the money to make things happen.

Let's throw a bit of MONDAY music into the mega mix.

At the end of the week I am going away for a long week-end but ahead of that I will be broadcasting my Wednesday show
LET'S INSPIRE MK. The subject of the show will be WISE WORDS AND FUN MUSIC.
Then on Thursday my featured composer on WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS will be Handel.

When I am back from my little holiday I will be adding a third early morning show to
Radio CRMK - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION. Each week there will be an LP album from my collection.

I have lots of great albums I will be playing on this new show.

Let's toss something from one of the albums into the mix shall we.

I want to write a mega page today for SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2019. I know where I want the event to be staged. I will write the page then see if I can make it happen. It will
ONLY happen if I can get the support.

The music I play here on the daily blog, on YouTube, on the radio and now on the mega web has so much potential to inspire people to do some lovely things.  It would be easy to leave everything there but the RADIO LOVE element of the Mega Web will take that music out into the community. That can only happen if I can build a team of helpers.

Here's something from the 1970's to throw into Monday MUSIC MEGA MIX.

So is there going to be a radio programme MONDAY MUSIC MEGA MIX with The Geriatric DJ ?

It's on the drawing board and will come to you once the new show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION has settled in. Probably some time in December.

There will also be a Friday show: THE WEEK-END STARTS HERE - WELL ALMOST.

There is an amazing programme of shows on Radio CRMK, we are probably the best Internet radio station broadcasting from anywhere in the world. Go to and click on LISTEN.

If you care to listen to the podcasts from my shows CLICK HERE  103 people have so far listened to 2,550 minutes of my shows.

Yesterday's blog page had a good readership taking me ever closer to my target of 100k by Christmas.

I wonder what life has in store for this Monday, what mega mix has Destiny put in my path ?

Well let's get on with the day and see.

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