Monday, 1 October 2018

I LOVE my job !

I changed my car insurance company yesterday. Where it asked for my occupation I typed in Retired School Teacher. It then asked if I had a secondary job. With pride I typed in RADIO PRESENTER. I love my job.

I'll be live tomorrow morning, bright and early from 6am to 8am. Make sure you tune in....simply go to and click on LISTEN. The lazy bones among you  can use the podcast - CLICK HERE.

Tomorrow's show will be two hours of utterly crazy, silly
music. Listen and I dare you not to spend the whole day giggling and smiling. I want all of my listeners to infect everyone they meet during the day with smiles.  I wish somebody would infect the geeks at Google and stop them screwing up the page formatting here on Blogger.  Just look at the mess they have made with Gmail !

THANK YOU to everyone who responded to yesterday's
page and offered to help with Secret Santa.  DAMN GOOGLE !  Yes, I know there should be a paragraph break here but the Geeks obviously do not use the same version on English Grammar as do I !  Thursday's show - WAKEUP WITH THE CLASSICS will have Beethoven as my featured composer.

I am really looking forward to starting my new Tuesday morning show - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION.

I LOVE my job !

More music.....

For my new show I will play music digitally, the same as I do for my existing two broadcasts. YES, there are traditional vinyl decks in the studio but that is a bit too much like hard work ! However, I will ONLY play tracks if I have an original vinyl copy at home.

I have a vast vinyl collection of a few thousand songs so with thirty or so tracks to play each week - where's my calculator ???????

Say 3,500 tracks at 30 a week, I can keep going for one hundred and sixteen weeks without a repeat !

Ben will be in the studio for tomorrow's and Thursday's shows. he was a bit quiet last week but promises to snatch the microphone this week.

You will behave yourself won't you Ben ?

Please !!!!!!

The studio is about a twenty minute drive from my home, it's just down the road from Aston Martin.  I must ask them what
they will give me for a trade in on the Jag against one of their models. OMG what would the insurance be on that ?

A little warning for tomorrow's broadcast.  I have a stinking cold so do not get too close to the loudspeaker when you tune in, I would not want you to catch my cold.

Where was I ?  Oh yes ! I tend to get into the studio round about five fifteen, settle in, power up the deck and broadcast system. A quick bite of breakfast, I plan an almond croissant
for tomorrow then I dummy run for the first few tracks to get into the mood.

I do not think that cooking sausage, bacon and fried bread would be allowed in the studio. Anyway I have recently become a vegetarian so I would not want it anyway.

Actually going live is a bit of a task, I need three hands as I simultaneously click across two computers to send the studio deck and microphone into the broadcast system and at the same time set the recording system going for the podcast.

In the time ahead of going live, when I am dummy running a few tracks to get into the mood, I am always nervous. Trying to click - click - click to go live is a height of tension but once I am actually broadcasting I relax and have fun.

I always like to write into the script for each show a deliberate
mistake, just to show it is LIVE RADIO. So far I have never had to use that part of the script !  I make a mistake or three anyway !

I'll leave the boring stuff to the BBC - The BORING Broadcasting Corporation.

Like I said, I have a stinking cold so do not get too close to
the loudspeaker tomorrow, I would hate for you to catch it from me.  I promise you this will not keep me from broadcasting.

At a recent team meeting for the studio it was suggested that each presenter should pre-record a show and have it ready  in case of illness or something else preventing a broadcast.

While I do not like pre-recordings, I believe in LIVE radio, this makes perfect sense.

GREAT but I have three shows each week so I need to pre-record six hours of music in addition to the six hours of broadcasting.

At the moment I am debating if I should turn up at the studio for 3.30am, record two hours before going live at 6am or if I should stay on after a show to pre-record.

Either way I will have the three shows in the can by the end of next week.



LET'S PLAY SOME MORE................

My fingers are crossed for tomorrow's broadcast. To the left of the play deck there is a computer which shows my audience figures. Make sure you are up and awake to listen to The Geriatric DJ play the music you love to listen to....

Yesterday's blog page received 369 views - WOW - THANK YOU. That now brings the total since I started writing my daily page in January 2017 to 76,577. Hope to hit one hundred grand by Christmas.

However, NOBODY listened to my show podcasts yesterday. Figures still at 82 listeners and 1,919 play minutes.

CLICK HERE for my podcasts.

Quite a long blog today - LOTS OF MUSIC and the Geriatric DJ rambling on between each track.

You've worked out what I am doing ?  Come on, of course you have !  You are not stupid !

For the pre-record of my show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION I am going to play an A to Z of music.

YES, every track I have played today I have in original vinyl. I hope you enjoyed the music, I have no intention of being ill and unable to broadcast a show so the pre-record will never be broadcast.ENJOY IT NOW.

So before I sign off and play Z can I remind you to set your alarm for tomorrow's show and tune in at 6am. Simple go to and click on listen.

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