Tuesday, 9 October 2018

I am excited

I am writing today's blog YESTERDAY.  I plan to be in the studio no later than 3am so I can pre-record a back up edition of my new Tuesday show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION.

But that is not what is exciting me !

After two hours of music I will be well on fire to go live at 6am with Let's Inspire MK !

Time for Wednesday's music to make your day go well.

Today's show has some incredible music which I want to inspire my listeners to use during the coming week to show some love.

LOVE for a homeless rough-sleeping person
LOVE for the food bank
LOVE for blood and organ donation

ok donating a tin or packet to the Food Bank will cost you a few pennies but NOTHING else I will seek to inspire you to do will cost you a single penny.

As I was building the playlist I chatted with Jelena so many of the words I speak today will be inspired by Mrs Josh.

Yesterday afternoon Josh rang...

Hi Josh what can I do for ?

Just calling to say THANK YOU for what you have done for us.

How lovely !

I then told Josh what I was going to say about the homeless on the show.  

Tell people NOT to give up he said. Tell people not to give up on someone when it does not work out first time.

YES, Josh I will most certainly say that.

Let's have today's wise words shall we.....

Judging by the comments I received after last week's show where I played two hours of silly music to inspire people infect others with their smile and make them happy.

If you missed last week's show it is not too late to smile, CHECK OUT THE PODCAST

When you have listened to today's show do please pop a comment on the GUEST BOOK

Shall I play something from the show ?

Go on then.

As well as inspiring people to show love to a homeless person I will be doing all I can to find someone who is not a blood donor to start saving lives.


I will also be seeking out new collection points for the food bank.

If just one person spends some love time with just one homeless person, if just one person becomes a blood donor, if just one person gives one tin to The Food Bank the show will be worth it.

I'll be playing this song...

After the broadcast Josh, Jelena and I will be meeting to discuss the work I have so far done on our website.  I think I am probably about one third of the way through the work. CLICK HERE to check on progress.

We have invented a new word. We are not writing a website in the traditional sense - we are writing a MEGA WEB - about one hundred pages and a minimum of twenty-four hours of music to listen to, music to make people happy, smile and infect others with smiling love.

I am excited about today's broadcast, I am excited about the way the website is developing.

OK I guess I had better think about heading to the studio. Here's some beautiful music for you to end Wednesday.

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