Thursday, 11 October 2018

How clever are you ?

Are you clever ?

Are you a dog lover ?

If you are then CLICK HERE and test your doggie knowledge.

So were you a clever little doggie ?  Test your pop music
knowledge, music from the days when the very best bands were playing. CLICK HERE

When you check your answers there is a music clip with many you can listen to.

FIFTY questions - how many will you get right ?

I hope there are no typos in the little tests I am directing you to !

So how about television ?

CLICK HERE and see how many theme tunes you recognise.

When you have had a bit of fun with the music on these pages, when you have demonstrated just how clever you are please SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK and tell the world.

These little quizzes and the guestbook come from a new presence I am busy
creating on the Internet. OK so it is a website but I want to introduce a new word - MEGA WEB.

It will be, I expect to have it finished by the end of the month, a vast collection of pages - enough to give you fun and surfing for a long time. There will be more than two hundred hours of music for you to listen to.

The MEGA WEB - even though it is still a work in progress is attracting listeners and viewers in: UK, USA, Australia, Germany and Spain.

The mega web will bring together listeners to our YouTube Channel, this blog, the mega web itself and those who tune in to my radio broadcast.

For yesterday's edition of Wake Up With The Classics there were listeners in Greece, Norway, USA, UK, France,
Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

On Wednesday when I broadcast Let's Inspire MK there was a single listener in Saudi Arabia. Yesterday he was back AND must have told someone else about the music of The Geriatric DJ as the computer showed TWO listeners in that country.

I am still a newbie with Radio CRMK but am pleased to have 102 people who have listened to the podcasts of the ten shows so far broadcast. There have been 2,550 minutes of music listened to.  CLICK HERE to become listener number 103.
I played that on yesterday's show.

I am not surprised but very pleased to see that the tracking software for this new, infant website shows the predominance
of the younger generation listening to the music I play.

Given the style of music I play it could be expected the weight of listeners would be towards the other end.  IT IS NOT. Why ?  Because the music from days gone by is better than that of today.

When the mega web is finished I will be asking you to help me expand the listener profile, not for my own ego but to use the music to share love and support good causes. More of that later but for now go to and explore the pages I have so far put together.

And with that I will bring today's page to an end.  Do have some fun with the quiz pages !

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