Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Go away world I have had enough !

When I see certain posts on Facebook - well.....

You know....

I'm feeling sad I need a hug..

I am posting this to see who my real friends are....

I've sprained an eyelash and it really  hurts !

You know what I mean ? My reaction ?  GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE !

2.48am - YES I am awake and I am feeling sorry for myself. I would like to curl up into a ball and let the world pass over
me.  How easy would it be to do that ? EASY - problem is I AM NOT A WIMP AND I REFUSE TO BECOME ONE ! Still I am feeling sad.

So what's my problem ?


As far as I am concerned Tesco, Asda, Morrissons and Sainsuburys can not go bust and disappear from our high streets soon enough.

BT - I won't even go there !

Milton Keynes FAILING Council......

Each month I pay for an on-line response form system to use on our website and clearly there is something wrong with it.  I do not pay for the counters on the website but the company providing them has closed down so there are busted links all over the place. 

Unanswered e-mails, letters and messages ?  Don't go there.

Have I got a bad case of CYBER BO ? 

Readers for this blog have tumbled to about 25% of what they were.

Then yesterday I was involved in a car accident, the Jag is badly bruised. The guy who caused the accident drove away probably ignorant of what he did.

Saturday will be my 68th birthday. This young, hot and handsome young man is a silly old git. Time to say enough ?

My life would be so much easier, it would be so much more
simple if I curled up into a ball and let the world go by and do its own thing without me.


I came down to the PC, I could not sleep for feeling sorry for myself so I thought I would write today's blog then drive to the studio to broadcast today's show.


A text message from Josh.  I am going to add it here.

David mate thank yu 4 today n yesterday n sorry i couldn tell you this yesterday

That man and his missus INSPIRE me !

There was an on-line message from CRMK radio presenter Stewart Bailey. 

Stewart is a fantastic guy and well worthy of being Radio CRMK's Presenter Of The Year.

I think I am a pretty damn good radio DJ myself but I aint half what that guy is !

Yesterday I met a wonderful lady who is part of Milton Keynes Soup Run. A wonderful person, I am now determined our music will help the work she and others are doing.

I needed help to move a washing machine to Josh and Jelena's home. Even before the back end of the Jag was given a kicking a washing machine would never have fitted in the boot.  I knew when I put  a request for help on Facebook who would rush forward. I was right. THANK YOU PAUL FOSTER.

PAUL, another Paul - another LEONITE - I just played that for you.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE SUPPORT. My house is full of STUFF for the next boot sale THANK YOU ANDY !

Pardon the lack of modesty but yesterday I broadcast a pretty damn good two hour show. PODCAST HERE

But friends it aint NOTHING to what I will blast out to the world in two and a half hours time. Yep, it's my Wake Up With The Classics show - he he he - WHERE CLASSICAL MUSIC MEETS ROCK AND ROLL !

Winston Churchill used to call it his BLACK DOG. You know what his answer to his black dog was ?

Wanting to take music forward to MAKE PEOPLE SMILE - BE HAPPY AND SUPPORT GOOD CAUSES - I have been feeling low, fed up and sorry for myself as people have not been coming forward to get involved. One person - THANK YOU LISA - tried to send in the response form from THIS PAGE but it did not work !

I am going to play this on today's show...

I was on my way to Josh and Jelena when I was involved in that car smash. I was on my way to help them with a difficult situation. It was a with failing society but stressed as I was, busted car and all the red tape of the insurance now to deal with I diffused the situation and achieved a happy solution. If the car crash helped then WRITE OFF MY JAG. A car is a THING - friends are PEOPLE. A stranger is only a friend you have yet to meet !

I am surrounded by some AMAZING people.

As I began typing up this blog another text flashed up on my phone. A loving, good night message from Josh and Jelena, as I was getting up to start my day they were ending theirs ! One year ago Mr & Mrs Josh where strangers I had never met now they are my dearest friends. Paul, Paul and Andy are former students - they and so many others - who for years and years I had lost contact with but now they are supporting my vision like crazy. I had never heard of Stewart Bailey until I started working with Radio CRMK.

Jelena and I, actually she likes to be called LENA, have some deep conversations. Yesterday she said she is thirty years old, I corrected her saying she was thirty-one !  We then had a conversation about age and growing old. When I turned forty I lied for several years saying I was thirty-nine.  I explained that now I capitalise on my old age. 
The day after tomorrow I will become sixty-eight years old !

Am I sad about that ?  Am I flipping heck !

BUT I do  some presents to take me through the day and deeper into old age.

I am going to fix that busted page THIS ONE then I am going to approach people direct and invite people to take on different jobs so the music can achieve the vision:  TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE, BE HAPPY AND SUPPORT GOOD CAUSES.

Hey can you believe it, while I have been writing this page there have been three more text messages of support from JOSH and LENA !

Right time to BUGGER ON if you will excuse the terminology - time to ROCK !

Am I sad, am I miserable, am I feeling sorry for myself ?  Am I +*xxery

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