Monday, 22 October 2018

Do you like the music I play ?

Today is the last day of our lovely holiday here in Devon.

I am married to a fabulous lady, we have had a wonderful celebration holiday for our 40th wedding anniversary.

Later today I will point the car up the motorway and head home.

I had planned to spend time while away working on our new website but it just has not happened.

Yesterday evening I downloaded ONE HUNDRED music tracks I would like to play over the coming weeks - play on the radio, on this daily blog, on YouTube and on the website - WHEN I GET IT FINISHED.

I won't be playing and of these tracks on tomorrow's radio show but I will share some with you all now.

I hope you enjoy the music.

Yesterday was a bit of a mega blog, THANKS to all friends who listened to the music.  I hope you enjoyed it., it made you smile and helped you have a good day.

I think we will indeed achieve the target of 100,000 blog readers and listeners by the end of the years,

The tracks I downloaded yesterday are a bit of a mix, I'll use them when it comes to my show MONDAY MUSIC MEGA MIX taking to the air. That's a bit of a way off yet but I am looking forward to it.

When I get home I am going to have to put the pedal to the metal and finish writing the website because I have had an idea.

I grew up when the very best bands were playing. Google Analytics tracks every page of the website and tells me that the music has been listened to over the past week by friends in thirty-two towns, villages and cities in eleven different countries of the world.


But what I find far more interesting is the age bracket of our listeners.

61% are aged under 34 years !

79.5% are aged under 44 years.

Hotel California by The Eagles was released in 1976. Those born in that year would now be 46 - outside the age bracket.

Radio Caroline and the pirate radio stations were destroyed by The Marine Offences Act 1966 to be replaced with RADIO BORING aka Radio One.  To have been alive in those great days of music you would now be 52 years old.

So why is it people who were born AFTER the time of the music I play flock to the loudspeaker ?


Yesterday Maureen and I went to an amazing hypermarket  It was vast, utterly vast selling everything you could think of. It was impossible to count the number of vinyl LP records on sale, there must have been at least FIFTY different vinyl record players. They were selling like hot cakes !

When I was a teenager, YES that IS me, pop music was at the centre of our lives.

We all had record collections and music shops thrived.

We all knew which records were where in the charts.

We grew up in a fantastic world today's teenagers are denied.

Every week we eagerly awaited the publication of the latest music chart.

To compile the charts a number of record shops were secretly monitored, their sales combined to form the charts.

When I have the website fully operational I am going to
launch a new music chart, The Geriatric DJ's Top Twenty. I will compile this from the music I have played during the previous week. You will be able to listen to each of the twenty tracks on the website.

Is that a good idea or is it a brilliant idea ?

It is going to be a lot of hard work but I believe it will be a lot of fun. Right now it is giving me the incentive to get my act together and finish the website.

Do you like the music I play ?

Fabulous RADIO CRMK is new for me but this blog and my YouTube Channel go back to the end of 2016.

By the way tomorrow's show on Radio CRMK will be my 13th - I hope it is not unlucky thirteen !

Tell me what you think about the music I play. Drop me an e-mail, message me on facebook or sign the guestbook on the website.

This could be a bit of fun.

Tomorrow's radio show has the sub-title NATIONALLY INTERNATIONAL and will celebrate music from many of the countries where friends listen to the music I play.

Thursday's Wake Up With The Classics will feature COMPOSER OF THE WEEK Edward Elgar.

Then on Tuesday I will be broadcasting the first edition of a new show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION. Adam Faith's album ADAM will be included as the feature of the week.

To listen to my radio shows and the FABULOUS play list running all day, every day on Radio CRMK all you have to do is to go to and click on LISTEN There are some amazing shows there for you to enjoy brought to you by a fun team of presenters.

My shows are all early morning - 6am to 8am so the lazy people who can not get out of bed can check them out on the podcast CLICK HERE

How many tracks have I played on today's page ?  Hang on while I count them up ?


One more.  

When I started writing today's page I was simply sharing an idea, now I have decided these twenty tracks will form the first Geriatric DJ Top Twenty.

Here's the last track - I'll not tell you the order of my hit parade, not yet anyway.  I have not worked it out.

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