Monday, 29 October 2018

Beautiful Music - UGLY OLD MAN !


Born Terrence Nelhams-Wright on 23rd June 1940....
Died 8th March 2003.

Adam hold the record for being the first UK artist to have seven consecutive hits in the Top Five.

This is the first LP record I owned as child. Today it will be
the featured album on my new show on Radio CRMK - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION

Simply go to and click on LISTEN.

The show airs from 6am to 8am so if you have missed it the PODCAST will be available from about 10am (ish) For all of my shows on podcast CLICK HERE

Guess I had better play something by Adam Faith - here you go...

Although the studio at RADIO CRMK has facilities to play vinyl records I am going to cheat and all of the fabulous music I will broadcast tomorrow will be by the simple to use digital system. For every song, every track I play each week I will have the original vinyl copy in my collection at home.

Adam Faith will be joined by many other great singers. I'll be playing this:

That was the very first piece of music I played on Radio CRMK.

I will also be playing this.

Two rather BEAUTIFUL songs.  If you listened to my show
last Thursday - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS you will have heard me say how I over use the word BEAUTIFUL on the radio but I am NOT going to stop because I only play BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.

BEAUTIFUL music played for BEAUTIFUL people in a BEAUTIFUL world.  Shame it is played by such an ugly old man !

At the end of today's show I will have broadcast 15 shows with a total time of 30 hours. YES, I am the newbie, my first broadcast hit the air on Wednesday 26th August and here I am with three early morning slots on this fabulous radio station. I have played music all of my life but being a radio dj is new to me.  I LOVE IT !

For the past two years I have played music on YouTube where  I have my own channel. I added this piece of music to the channel in March 2017 and I will be playing it on Thursday.

I have introduced something new to my shows - WHERE CLASSICAL MUSIC MEETS ROCK AND ROLL as I play the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's HOOKED ON CLASSICS collection.....

Music I play, music my little team shares is designed to make people smile, to be happy then to infect others with smiles of love which will make this a more beautiful world.

Yesterday I added this to my YouTube Channel and will now add it to the website:

Do join me at six o'clock for MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION - simply go to and click on LISTEN.  If you miss the live broadcast it will be on the podcast by about 10am CLICK HERE

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