Saturday, 22 September 2018

The NEWBIE'S little list

I have started to build up a list of kindness, things I have seen where people have stepped aside from what they were doing to show a bit of kindness to someone else. On the last edition of my page I shared this:

While shopping the lady, an elderly person, found she had left her money at home. Distressed and close to tears she begged to leave the shopping, go home with money and collect it later.
A total stranger walked up and paid for it !
Amazingly I was thinking this morning about an edition of Let's Inspire MK where I shared stories of smiles and kindness in between the music. I have just found my first story !

That was the first entry on my list. It was quickly followed by number two when so many, many people liked the post on

Yesterday I added number three to the list.

I was driving home from somewhere or other, I could see ahead of me on the other side of the road a man who was trying to push his broken down car off the road. His wife was trying to steer while
he pushed the heavy vehicle which without the engine running had lost its powered steering.

I watched as three cars pulled up, their drivers racing to help the couple. That was kind. No, I did not stop. I was on the other side of the road and before I could pull off and help so many people were already assisting I was not needed.

My plan is to build up my list over the next week or two then share them on my radio show Let's Inspire MK.

The next edition of my show will be broadcast bright and early on Wednesday morning from 6am to 8am.

To listen to Let's Inspire and all of the great and varied shows on Radio CRMK simply go to and click on LISTEN.

Now here's a show I know you would love to listen to.

CLICK HERE and check it out on the broadcast schedule.

Presenters from Radio CRMK got together yesterday. As a newbie to the station I have felt such a warmth from the people there it was super to get together. Presenter Stuart has been so kind and supportive and given me such a warm welcome.

Programme controller Mike Barry announced a new station
award for the presenter of the year. Although I am so new, only broadcast four shows so far, I felt Stuart deserved the award so much, I was pleased to join in the applause as he received his award.

Mike presents two shows on Radio CRMK. Check out The Grumpy Old Men - it's fun.

I first was introduced to Radio CRM when I was a guest on one of Mike's shows. NO,  not The Grumpies- it was his other broadcast!

I think the warm welcome I have received at Radio CRMK should be number FOUR on my list.

Did you read yesterday's page. If you did not then  CLICK HERE. The page was all about my love of classical music.

This NEWBIE at Radio CRMK launches his second show this week. Let's Inspire MK can be heard from 6am to 8am every Wednesday, from 6am to 8am every Thursday you can now tune into The Geriatric DJ with Wake Up With The Classics.

Perhaps the station should have an award for PATIENCE.  Such would undoubtedly go to the technical team who have helped this newbie. Their patience and support now enable my shows to be listened to on podcast - CLICK HERE.

I just can not stop listening to that YouTube clip !  The musical snobs would rubbish that. Some would say that Gilbert and Sullivan is NOT classical music. They would say
that is NOT a proper interpretation.

WHO CARES ? I love it !

One thing you will find about shows on Radio CRMK is the are NOT boring, they ARE fun.

Is that two things LOL ?

I would just love to be able to watch a production of Pirates of Penzance by these guys. Problem this is an Australian production.

I was telling my friend Gary yesterday about that Pirates of Penzance show. Gary will be a studio guest for Let's Inspire MK in the not too distant future.

Earlier in the year Gary and I went to watch a live performance  of That'll Be The Day.

On my agenda for this week is to book tickets for us to watch the Christmas Special.

All the songs were, of course, originally recorded on vinyl.

Radio CRMK is about to have a THIRD show from The geriatric DJ. I will be starting this, again an early morning show from 6am to 8am, on Tuesday 30th October.

YES, there are vinyl decks in the studio but I will be cheating slightly, I will play the music digitally but will ONLY be playing music for which I have an original vinyl copy at home.

Each week I will have a FEATURED ALBUM, Simon and Garfunkel's BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER will be the featured album for my second show.

Let me play you a track from my first VINYL show,

I like to give my Wednesday shows a sub-title based on the music content of the day.  Last week my show was LOVERS OF THE WORLD UNITE. This week it will be THE MILTON KEYNES WALK OF FAME. I will be celebrating people and music associated with our city. 

So what will I be playing ?

Among a play list of 31 tracks there will be this.

Chicory Tip played Wilton Hall, that would have been in 1973 - I think !

To listen to the full playlist you will have to tune in bright and early at 6am on Wednesday morning.  Simply go to and click on LISTEN.

74,968 - that's how many people have checked out my blog page since I launched it more than a year ago. I have had an idea.

Should I ?

If I do I think I will set the camera to look over my shoulder.

Why is it that when I look in a mirror this is what I see yet the reality is The Geriatric DJ resembles more the unfortunate creature in the video clip.

I may be developing my career as a radio presenter but I would not stand a hope in hell as a TV guy!

Let's tempt you with something more from this coming Wednesday's show. 

1975, I helped bring Billy J Kramer to perform in Bletchley.

Change the tempo, here's something from Thursday's show.

Oh go on then - here's a track from the first Vinyl show.

You will never find me broadcasting without my Sheffield Wednesday scarf in the studio.

What was yesterday's result ?


I have a show coming up soon where I will play certain tracks around some inspirational words.......


When I play the Sheffield Wednesday anthem I plan to accidentally on purpose leave the microphone open and obliterate Jeff Beck singing Ho Ho Silver Lining with my own Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday !

I also plan to give an amazing performance on air guitar during the track.

Here's something I made earlier......

And this.......

YES, Christmas is coming but not just yet. True with three shows to broadcast each week, six hours of music, I am planning well in advance but not quite that far in advance !

Catch you at 6am on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Simply go to and click on LISTEN.

Sorry but here is that amazing finale to Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance again !

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