Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Wake Up With The Classics

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Before I talk about today's show let's reflect a bit on yesterday. 

Normally I relax into a show and have fun, yesterday I just could not chill out. I felt throughout the show was not going well. perhaps it was the computer showing me ever increasing audience figures which dulled my confidence or it could have been trying to film a video blog as well as broadcasting live !

I am going to write a video blog, perhaps not every day but certainly a couple of times a week, but I do not think I will attempt to film one in the studio again while broadcasting live to the world.

The blog ends with my saying I did not thing it had been a
good show. Back home and listening to the podcast I am actually rather pleased with the result. True the opening and closing of the show was not as smooth as I would have liked but the music came over well.

Check out the podcast CLICK HERE

What do you think ?

The show was all about celebrating musical legends of Milton Keynes. A Milton Keynes Walk of
Fame may be a good idea but may take a bit of organising.  WILLIAM HEWITT - Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council and NIGEL SHOLL - Residents Association, I hope you were listening. I wonder if the show could have tempted you to organise a plaque to be put at the location of Jim Marshall's former shop in Queensway.

Well that was yesterday. Let's Inspire MK will be back next
Wednesday but on to today.

Yes, of course I love retro-pop music, I grew up when the greatest bands in the history of the planet were playing, but that is not my greatest love. My number one genre has to be classical music. My knowledge of classical music is far greater than that of retro-pop.

Each week on my new show I will have a FEATURED COMPOSER. the music will not be exclusively his but will be included throughout the two hour show.

Today the featured composer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Next week it will be Ludwig van Beethoven. 

Another weekly feature will be DIPPING INTO GILBERT AND SULLIVAN.

NO, I will not be actually playing this clip on today's show and I make no apology for YET AGAIN here on my blog. It does, I hope give you a insight into the fun of Gilbert and Sullivan. Today I will be playing something from Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore and The Mikado.

On tomorrow's show, as well as Mozart, Beethoven and Gilbert & Sullivan I will be playing some wonderful compositions from Grieg, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss Senior and Verdi. Quite a mix ! 

I always broadcast wearing my Sheffield Wednesday scarf - all you OWLS take note. Tomorrow I will not be wearing my hippie broadcast shirt but something a little more "black tie". You will have to wait for photographs to see exactly what !

My trusted teddy bear mascot, recently promoted to be my executive assistant, will be in the studio keeping an eye on me.

Ben will not be speaking tomorrow, he has been a bit quiet over the past two Let's Inspire Show but I am sure he will more than make up for that next Wednesday.

Ben has asked me which is the favourite piece of music I will be playing on tomorrow's show. That's easy to answer THIS !

There is a health warning attached to tomorrow's show. Make sure you are properly awake when you listen, the cannon in the 1812 Overture may seriously blast the slumber out of your day !

WALE UP WITH THE CLASSICS will be broadcast live from 6am to 8am. Simply go to and click on LISTEN.

The podcast will be available shortly after nine.  Today's Let's Inspire MK show is on the podcast. CLICK HERE

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