Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Lead and Balloon

LEAD and BALLOON... two words to describe the Facebook comments on yesterday's blog page. Only listener Paul Foster liked it and nobody made any comments.  Strange that as an above average number of people checked it out ! 551 that was good.

Make sure you are up and early this morning, go to www.crmk.co.uk and click on LISTEN.

The Geriatric DJ will be live with today's show from 6am to 8am.


I will get the podcast on-line as soon as possible for the lazy bones among you who can not get out of bed

The songs I am playing together have something in common.

But I am not going to tell you what it is !

Well not at least today !

Ok time to close today's page and head to the studio. Make sure you listen to the show.

www.crmk.co.uk CLICK ON LISTEN

The Geriatric DJ is waiting for you.

Rise and shine....

No laying in bed !

I will be waiting for you.

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