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Help me take my music out to more people - to make them happy, smile, have fun and make this an even more beautiful world.

When I wrote yesterday's page and selected with a degree of care the title, I wondered if it would generate curiosity and drag people in to read what I was typing or if it would scare them and send them running away like crazy. (CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED IT)

There were 82 friends who checked it out. That brings the total readership of the blog since I started writing in January 2017 to 75,145.

Tomorrow I plan to experiment with a VIDEO BLOG in addition to this page.

Tomorrow I broadcast my LET'S INSPIRE MK show on Radio CRMK. I am looking forward to the show where I will play music and talk about a metaphorical Milton Keynes Walk of Fame. Milton Keynes, yes but what I say and the music I play, I hope, will apply no matter where in the world my listeners are tuned in.

Then on Thursday I will be broadcasting a brand new show, WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS.

At the end of October I will bring in a third show MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION.

All shows run from 6am to 8am. If you fancy listening all you have to do is to go to and click on listen.

I am loving my radio shows, joining Radio CRMK I have joined a strong team of lovely people. It has made me so happy.

If you did read YESTERDAY'S BLOG PAGE you will see how I am immersing myself in the music. Each show has a running time of two hours, I like to get to the studio one hour ahead of going live so with travel to and from the broadcast takes around four hours. I spend about eight hours preparing
a show, listening to the music over and over as I write the play list then figure out how I want to introduce each track. Don't get me wrong I love doing that but with three shows it will become a full time job.

On Friday I spent time with Milton Keynes Hospital Radio, the intention was for me to also broadcast a show there but common sense is saying that is too much and I should not divide my time between two radio stations.

Milton Keynes Hospital Radio has something rather special. Each show has its presenter of course but it also has a team of two or three who go round the hospital, into the wards and talking to patients where they promote the show and take requests.

That's great !

With my shows I am developing something different at Radio
CRMK, I am opening a new early morning listener profile. I am an early morning person but I hope my shows are going to develop the station's listener profile and support my fellow presenters.

My audience figure are not bad for a new show at a new time of the day but I wouldn't mind adding a ZERO to them and increasing my listeners by a factor of ten.  Could you help me ?

There was a time when I would have said that I was of the wrong generation for social media, after all I am The Geriatric DJ, but now I think I have a greater than average grip on the subject.

I am looking to try to build a team around me and my shows to promote them on social media and build up my audience.

That's not for my ego although I can not deny the feeling would not be more than welcome.  What I want is for more and more people to listen to the music, to enjoy it, to smile and be happy then to go out and have a great day - a greater day than they would have had if they had not tuned in.

CLICK HERE and listen to my podcasts. If you like the music I am playing and you are into social media would you become a part of a promotions team for my shows and their music ?

Could I be very ambitious and hope to find a team manager who would simply make everything happen leaving me to concentrate on the music and the inspiration I want it to give to people ?

It is now just over sixteen months since my lovely daughter
Rebekah died. Within days of her passing I threw myself totally into using her smile, that cheeky and infectious smile of hers, to help others.

In a year we raised several thousand pounds for her favourite charity, Ronald McDonald. We had some super fun and various events. However, for every successful event we held there were five ideas that never got off the ground.

They did not happen because I failed to generate the help I needed to take and idea and turn it into reality.

Beck was known as LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, for more than a year I threw myself into taking her sunshine smile and using it to help others.

I was so busy I did not have time to grieve. Now, more than a year later I am missing her so much. My heart aches. I so much need to use music to take her smile and help as many people as I can.

As I explained yesterday, I am addicted to music - I am a music addict. I took music into the events we were running to support Ronald McDonald House and this certainly lifted everything to a new and exciting level.

Again I was always short of the help I needed. Some people offered The Earth and delivered just a small bag of potting compost. Too many people.

Now, as well as broadcasting my three shows and using music to INSPIRE people I want to take music into the community to support good causes but to do this I need two things; People and Money.

After the brilliant success of SUNSHINE SMILE DAY on the anniversary of Rebekah's death I thought I had that help but actually I did not.

The second factor is MONEY. With Josh and Jelena we have been running car boot sales over the summer. Most of the
money from the boot sales has been given to good causes with a little to help the music side of things. These events have been great fun and MANY people have been so kind giving us things to sell. Yesterday my car was packed with even more. The weather forecast for the week-end is good so fingers crossed we will be at The Irish Centre on Saturday and The Bowl on Sunday.;

But winter is coming and within four to six weeks the boot sales will close down until the spring.

The Beatles had a number one hit in 1966, I was fifteen at the time, with Paperback Writer. I determined I would be a paperback writer. I am a paperback writer but my first book Peter's 
Magic Fountain Pen was not published until 1982 !

When that book was published I wrote under the pen name of Jonathan Flie. Today I use the pen name Max Robinson. Way back in the 1960's I used Craven Chesworth !  Thank goodness the manuscript for my first novel, Pen Roche, is long lost. The Obscene Publications Act is still in force isn't it ?

Hours of writing and a mountain of rejection slips fill the years between 1966 and 1982. It was not easy breaking into writing although I did have three books published.

Today it is so easy to write and publish a book. Thanks to Amazon.  I currently have twelve books published on Amazon:

An Interview With Flight Sergeant Billy
The Autobiography of Billy Hardcastle
The Bridge House
The Case Files of Dave McDermott
The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating
Peter's Magic Fountain Pen
Quantum Mechanics - A Time Travel trilogy
Random Memories

If you want to read any of my books either in paperback form or as an e-book simply go to AMAZON and type in the title to search for it. ALL of my stories have music in them.

There are AMAZON WRITER MILLIONAIRES, oh yes there are. Many have fewer books available than I do and if modesty will allow me to say it, their stories are no better than mine.

OK, I would not say NO to the odd million BUT if I could generate a similar income to that of the car boot sales it would be good and would help take music out into the community.

Why am I not making any money ?  Because I am not promoting my books.

Amazon has given up chasing me and telling me to promote my books. I simply do not have time to promote sales. Besides, for me the fun comes from writing. Once I have completed a book I want to publish it the start writing the next book.

I need a manager, a literary agent.

I need someone to work with Amazon on my behalf and promote my books, turn my writing into a bit of cash.

It's social media again but Amazon also has its own system if somebody could spend time on my behalf working within it.

If I can find the write person to do this, someone with enthusiasm and commitment - NOT someone who will promise the Earth and deliver a small bag of potting compost then let's split the money made 50/50.

Have you seen the new John Lewis TV advert ?

It is brilliant isn't it. It ends with the words WHEN YOU ARE A PART OF IT YOU PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT.

I am looking for people who will put their heart into helping me.

1.To help me promote my radio shows, gain more listeners who will take the music away with them as an inspiration to have a
super day in this beautiful world of ours,
2. A manager to co-ordinate that team.
3. To work with me and take music out into the community to make people smile, be happy and support good causes.
4. To promote my writing and make some money. This person can even help me become a millionaire and with a 50/50 split the same would happen to them ! He he.....

I am not much of a gardener so I am not looking for ultra small bags of potting compost !

So what are you up to today ?

This is my doings list !

OBVIOUSLY I am late publishing today's page. 7.32am - I like to get it on-line by 6am. Today I am starting my day with FAILURE.

I am listening to the music for tomorrow's show.getting it into my head. Right now this is playing.

Once I have published the page the washing up is waiting for me !

Breakfast, late breakfast, then off to meet a good friend who has some clothes for Josh. Drop them off to him and return home via the shop.

Back home I'll listen to the music for Thursday's show. This is on the playlist.

Maureen will be home by then. I plan to make a sandwich, go out and take doggie Jake for a walk.

Back home, pack my bag ready for tomorrow.s broadcast.

Then I need to write tomorrow's blog. On a broadcast day I always write it the day before.

Time then for our evening meal and relax in front of the TV.        RELAX, what does that word mean ?

OK, almost time to publish the page. One more song, I am thinking about adopting this as my theme tune.

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