Friday, 28 September 2018


Microsoft is probably the most hated corporation ion the world.


Did you know that you can even buy Microsoft  toilet   paper ?

I think that Google is getting jealous. Having screwed up YouTube they've now fired an atomic warhead into G Mail with a pathetic geek-driven downgrading update.

I have used Gmail for years and been comfortable with it.  Now it is RUBBISH. I need as a matter of urgency to find an alternative. While I sort that you can use  Blogger is also a Google tool, how long before they screw this up ?

But while Blogger is still moderately functioning let's leave the geeks to their own sad little world and have some fun.

I am playing that on today's blog and will be including it in Wednesday's show for listener Paul Stig Stanley.

Yesterday I scribbled a few more hundred words for my new book, I will type it up in due course and share it with you all.

When Josh and Jelena were rough sleeping and living in a tent I gave Josh a notepad and a pen. He started to write his autobiography. I went to see my dear friends yesterday and in their
home I saw Josh's notes, he is still writing his autobiography.  I have read some extracts and I can tell your it is POWERFUL. You wait until that gets published on Amazon !

It was through the help of this blog readers that two weeks after I met Josh and Mrs Josh that we secured temporary accommodation for them. Milton Keynes Council gave them a home of their own in July. I was thrilled to bits when they told me yesterday that they have now signed a secured tenancy with the council.

Josh says I play too much silly music but I happen to know he loved Black Lace.

I am convinced there is a trilogy of evil - Microsoft, Google and Lenovo.

Don't you just love to hate them ! ALL !

I wonder if I will live long enough, perhaps to the year 2525 do you think anyone will have developed a computer and operating system which actually works properly ?

I know that I say LIFE IS FAR MORE FUN IF YOU ARE SILLY but the idea of a geek making something which actually works is not silly it is RIDICULOUS !

Here's something which is NOT ridiculous, it is SILLY and lots of fun.

Yesterday the blog achieved a pleasing readership of  584  which brings the total since I fist started writing the page to 76,001.

Looking at my Podcasts I see since I started broadcasting five weeks ago there have been 80 listeners.   Have you listened in ?  CLICK HERE.

I did pop a post on my club's website saying I always broadcast wearing my WEDNESDAY scarf.  Thanks all you OWLS who read yesterday's page. My ego took a bashing when one fan asked who I am !

You wait until next Wednesday's broadcast !

I have educated Josh to become a Wednesday fan. I have educated him to like retro pop. Yesterday I was talking to him about Mods and Rockers - he thought I had gone crazy.

Do you know what a MOD is ?

Having played that I must play this from my vinyl collection.

Next Wednesday's show has the sub-title of SMILES AND SILLY MUSIC.  I will be dedicating some super fun songs to different people whose kindness has made this a better world. I will NOT be playing anything for Google, Microsoft or Lenovo !

Then on Thursday Beethoven will be my featured composer in Wake Up With The Classics.

I hope that Google does not tune in and screw up the broadcast.

5.20am.  Time I guess to grab a bit of breakfast then head off to our charity stall at Bletchley Irish Centre's Car Boot Sale. Nothing to sell, I am pleased to say, from Microsoft, Google or Lenovo.  The Irish Centre is so much fun, lovely people.  I'll be playing some happy music on Wednesday's show for organisers, customers and all those who have given us STUFF to sell.

For now this is for you all.  I love this song.

Have a lovely day one and all. Just avoid Google, Microsoft and Lenovo !

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