Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Ben Invites You Listen


This is Ben, Executive Assistant to Dave aka The Geriatric DJ.

We'll be in the studio bright and early to bring you today's edition of LET'S INSPIRE MK.

Where ever you live in the world DELETE MK and add the name of your town, city or village.

The show starts at 6am so set your alarm clocks. No room for Sleepy Joe on this show.

Simply go to www.crmk.co.uk and click on LISTEN.

This week's show is sub-titled MILTON KEYNES WALK OF FAME. The Geriatric DJ will be wrapping some absolutely delicious music around legends and famous people in our city.

As usual he will have his tongue in his cheek for at least part of the show and no doubt he will slip in a deliberate mistake just to prove this is LIVE RADIO.

Just go to www.crmk.co.uk and click on LISTEN.

If you are SLEEPY JOE then you can catch up with the podcast which will be available from about 10am !

For those who are not awake - shame on you - you can CLICK HERE for that podcast and the next song is played just for you !

The Geriatric DJ will be playing music from some local bands during the show. He will include this....

So 6am to 8am tomorrow - BE THERE OR BE SQUARE !

Get up early again on Thursday as Dave dons his Geriatric
DJ Shirt to bring you a new show - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS.

The Geriatric DJ's broadcasting shirt is becoming well-known. He says he will be wearing a different shirt on Thursday, he plans to attend the studio as if it were a black tie event.

At six o'clock in the morning !

My friend says he is going to start a video blog with clips for the first two editions filmed in the studio so you can see what he is wearing !  Personally I am hoping he abandons that idea !

This will be in the playlist for Thursday.

He is a bit of a G & S fan is The Geriatric DJ but you will have to wait until Thursday.

Today listen in at 6am to LET'S INSPIRE MK: 

Simply go to www.crmk.co.uk and click on LISTEN.

If you are a Sleepy Joe you can use the podcast: CLICK HERE



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