Saturday, 29 September 2018

A letter from Buckingham Palace

My Wednesday edition of LET'S INSPIRE MK will be broadcast between 6am and 8am on Wednesday next week. Two hours of utterly crazy music with a series of smiling, happy and inspirational anecdotes of kindness. 

The playlist was written more than week ago, I have for a while been gathering some stories of kindness to build into the show. There was one vacant spot on my script, I thought I would probably have to skip this and simply go from one track to the next. Now I have got to find an extra spot to celebrate even more kindness.

All of the music I am playing on today's page is connected. I'll explain later.

Anyway, there I was yesterday morning at Bletchley Irish
Centre running our car boot stall to support various good causes. It was not, financially, the best of times but it was an amazing day.

It was early, I think we had taken about £1.50 when this guy walks in, comes up to me, hands me a video camera and said: That's Gift For You.  He then turned and left.  Who he was I have no idea but what a lovely, kind thing to do.

Our video camera was stolen in April so this gift is perfect. HOW KIND. I filled the vacant spot in the show's playlist and script.

Now I have filled that empty spot on the playlist for Wednesday. Before I tell you more THANK YOU Paul Deering and Paul Stig Stanley for dropping by to say HI. Thank You Paula Smythe for making this stall possible every week.

I am going, however. to have to adapt the playlist to add in another KINDNESS.  I was writing the draft of this blog page just after the car boot sale when the postman came. He brought a letter from Buckingham Palace.

Nervously I opened it, was I being offered a knighthood in the
New Year Honours List ?  ARISE SIR GERIATRIC DJ !  

NO, it was sent on behalf of Harry and Megan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying they hoped Sunshine Smile Day which was held on the day of their wedding to support various local charities went well.  HOW KIND !  That has to receive a mention on Wednesday's show.

I wonder if their Royal Highnesses listen to my shows. LET'S INSPIRE MK every Wednesday 6am to 8am on Radio CRMK - just go to and click on LISTEN. For those of you who are sleepy-heads CLICK HERE for the podcasts.

Every Thursday, again 6am to 8am, I broadcast my show WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS.

This week's FEATURED COMPOSER is Beethoven and I will, of course, be DIPPING IN TO G & S. I'll have a big DIP at the end of today's page.

So what do all of the records played on today's page have in common ?

On Tuesday 30th October I will be bring you early risers a third show - MUSIC FROM MY VINYL COLLECTION.

I am going to cheat, I will be playing everything using a simple digital system rather than physically playing 7" singles and LP records on turntables. However, I will ONLY play music if I have the original vinyl copy at home. No vinyl = no play.

Sorting discs ready for this new show I have turned out records I will never play and have been selling them at the boot sales. While things were quiet at yesterday's sale I sorted through the records and found some I had turned out yet would indeed play. I rescued them and now have them ready to play in the coming weeks. These are the songs on today's page.

Playing retro-pop on Wednesdays I wear in the studio my hippie shirt, actually I have two shirts !

This helps me get into the right mood for the music I play.

When I started WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS last week I wore a dress shirt and
black tie !

So what should I wear for this third show ?

Are Vinyl and Lycra a similar material ?

Possible ?



Not now I have been given a gift of a video camera to help film my blogs !

Here are the two video blog editions from earlier this week.  Note I did not say MISS them, if you did not watch them trust me you dis not MISS anything. But if you did not listen to the music you certainly missed some of the most delicious music ever played.

When the letter from Buckingham Palace was received I immediately called Josh and Jelena who worked so hard to help make Sunshine Smile Day a success. In January my two dear friends were rough sleeping in a tent. Not now, of course, the readers of my blog helped secure a home for them. watch them and others in this video clip. EXCUSE MY SINGING !

From a tent to a letter from Buckingham Palace in nine months, I said to them, just think where you will be in nine months from now.

I've run out of vinyl records from yesterday's boot sale yet I need a few more tracks to play.  Sorry, I have played this a dozen times before but what the heck IT'S FUN !

Music is meant to be fun after all. Another DIP into G & S.

OK, it's 5.30am so I had better publish today's page and head off to the boot sale at Milton Keynes Bowl. BTW - total blog readership now at 76,100 and 82 listeners to my podcasts. THANK YOU ALL.

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