Sunday, 5 August 2018

Two Owls - Nine Tins - Three VERY tired people

Actually we are wondering if the word TIRED should be replaced by TOTALLY KNACKERED !

COME ON WEDNESDAY - how is it you lads lost at Wigan Athletic 3-2 on Saturday ?

Do you feel tired after the game ?  As tired as we do ?  We being Josh, Mrs Josh and David !

Do you think if we all sat down and munched our way through nine tins of food we would feel better ?

We'll tell you our story in a moment but first of all here is this week's inspirational thought.

And here's a bit of music to start Monday. YES it is played on our very own twin deck.

This is a photograph of dawn breaking over Bletchley's Irish Centre on Saturday. You know before I met David I never really knew what the dawn was.

Nice joke Josh.

Thank You Mrs Josh.

So here I am at about ten past six on Saturday morning setting up our boot stall. Mr Josh is in the background, I am just calling him over for a bit of man-power to lift the boxes.

It was a fun day though wasn't it ?

Yep it was.

Josh sold our Black Lace CD, he took it out of the car stereo and conned, we mean sold, it to a regular customer for £8 !

That's alright David you can get another one from Amazon.

Josh I've just looked it up on Amazon, we can get one for £3.99 and you sold our copy for £8. 

Buy a dozen David !

You know the Black Lace number  The Music Man ?

Here's another verse....

What can you play ?  I play the recorder !

We sold two descant recorders, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

I used to be a Man United fan but David can be very persuasive, now I sing the blues with the rest of the Owls at Hillsborough.

David has a bit of an idea, it's a bit complicated so I will let him explain.

Thanks Josh. You understand Mrs Josh don't you ?

NO - explain.

It's simple.

Every week we will take money from the car boot sales to sponsor the goals the boys score.

I have worked out a system:

£5 for every Wednesday goal scored in an AWAY win.
£3 for every Wednesday goal scored in an AWAY draw.
£2 for every Wednesday goal scored in an AWAY lose.
£4 for every Wednesday goal scored in a HOME win.
£3 for every Wednesday goal scored in a HOME draw.

£1 for every Wednesday goal scored in a HOME lose.

You call that simple !  Let me count up Saturday's money while you explain more.

What ever the goal sponsorship is we give that sum times the number of goals to the three childrens' hospitals we are supporting.

Milton Keynes Hospital Ward Five - Sheffield Childrens Hospital - Birmingham Childrens Hospital Ronald McDonald House.

So what was the score yesterday ?

Oh Mrs Josh We thought you were an Owl as well !

So they lost ?

Yeh but these two lads scored goals so that's 2 times £2 = £4 for each of the three hospitals.

What we will do is to save up the money from each game until the end of the month then send the total from our car boot sales to the three hospitals.

We made £55.04 at Saturday's boot sale. On Sunday we took £47.50 after the pitch rent was paid. Not actually as much money as we had hoped to make.

Next Saturday the boys are at home to Hull City.

David you'd better play the club anthem - SINGING THE BLUES.

There was a bit of conflict on Saturday, Shearings Holidays support Wigan Athletic. Shearings, of course, named a coach REBEKAH in honour of Our Rebekah.

We did have a laugh at Saturday's boot sale didn't we ?

Yep David we did but then you were outside our house at half past four on Sunday morning demanding we went to the boot sale at Milton Keynes Bowl.

It was early David ?

Yes Mrs Josh.

So here's dawn over Milton Keynes Bowl.

Yes David and how much did we make ?


We were there for four hours ?


Three of us ?


So £47.50 divided by 4 = £11.87

That's not bad.

Yeh but divided between three of us that comes to £3.96 per hour ! You are a GIT David.

Play some Music.

Jelena found a 7" vinyl record someone had thrown into the hedge, we have now added it to our collection.  Here it is ?

Are you planning to play that when we do the Rock and Roll Parties at Bletchley Bandstand ?

Of course.

I think you had better explain about the TINS.


The three Rock and Roll parties we are planning in Bletchley are as collection points for The Food Bank. Starting this week-end we have taken money from each sale to buy tins for The Food Bank.  Saturday that was FIVE tins and Sunday FOUR tins.NINE TINS.

So our being up at dawn for two days has supported three childrens hospital departments and sent nine tins to The Food Bank.


And we will be doing that every week-end ?

We will.

But we need more stuff to sell ?

We do Jelena and we need some high value items, like £5 and more, to sell.

DAVID !  I was selling that tea set to the woman and she was happy to pay £5 then you chimed in you can have it for £3 if you like !

Sorry Jelena.  I did try to sell my body.

Yeh then everyone ran away !

More music.....

At our boot sales we also promote the blood and organ donation programme. We give away pens, badges, supermarket trolley key tokens and information leaflets. Actually we need to order some more.

On Sunday a lady came by, picked up a pen and asked how much it was. David said FREE, you can have that for nothing. She replied OK and put it down.  Perhaps he should have said FIVE POUNDS,

Do you recognise this song ?

We had an autographed photograph Gerry Marsden had given to us.  I offered it to this guy who was at our stall on Saturday.

Who's he ?  The guy said.

You've got Liverpool FC tattooed on your arm, I replied. What's the club anthem ?

Who sang it ?

OH YEH !  How much do you want for it ?


Money from a Liverpool fan used to sponsor goals scored at Sheffield Wednesday !


So now you understand about the TWO Owls and the NINE tins. We are the three knackered people.

We'll be back at Bletchley Irish Centre on Saturday 11th August - BBC Weather says light raid and moderate breeze. Same for Sunday 12th at MK Bowl. But we will be there.

Yeh, but David can we not start at 4.30am on Sunday - PLEASE ?

Sorry Josh, I have gone a bit hard of hearing.

THANK YOU to all the lovely kind people who gave us STUFF to sell this week-end.

How many of you remember this ?

Can you kindly have a look in your loft, turn out your cupboards, garage and garden shed.  Give us your junk to sell.

Help us pay for the costs of running our Let's Inspire projects, help us send more tins to the Food Bank and sponsor the goals the boys will score at Hillsborough next Saturday.

So am I HAROLD Steptoe then ?

If you like Josh.

And you are ALBERT Steptoe.

NO,   he was younger than me !


NO Jelena.

Over the summer we will continue our two boot sales, supporting Blood and Organ donation, The Food Bank and three childrens hospitals. We will use some of the money to 
launch our LET'S INSPIRE programme in the Autumn using music to bring in more tins for The Food Bank, we have some special plans for the three childrens hospitals, very specvial plans. We will also be launching our community writing project and supporting charities working with the homeless in our city.

We already have great contacts at Ronal;d McDonald House in Birmingham, last week David met with Simon, the chairman of the board at Milton Keynes Hospital, we will now make contact with Sheffield Childrens Hospital.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and start our own programme to support the homeless we will be speaking to existing charities to see how we can help and support them.

On Friday David is meeting with a local radio station to discuss ideas and see how we can work together to use music to inspire love in our community.

So if you have any STUFF we can sell please get in contact. Drop us an e-mail at or message us on Facebook.

This is David now bringing the blog to an end. The three of us composed the text above yesterday after the boot sale. I am now checking it over ahead of publication. It is 5.04am - there are FIVE text messages on my phone from Josh and he complains about starting early at the boot sales. Josh I know you call me a BIG GIT - well you are the LITTLE GIT !  Good morning !

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