Thursday, 2 August 2018

The trombone will be perfectly in tune

Come on WEDNESDAY - come on WEDNESDAY !

I want today to explore the music of BLACK LACE and draw some inspiration from one song in particular - THE MUSIC MAN. Watch the video, particularly pay attention to the bit where MATCH OF THE DAY APPEARS.

Is that Sheffield Wednesday in the clip ?  Could be - I am not sure. Wednesday Owls - what do you think ?

It's only a brief clip and there is more than one club featured but I think the opening shots of the verse are indeed the world's number one football club - SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY.

I have said many times over the past year that there is more to a football club than two goalposts and a bit of grass between them.  

Tomorrow at 3pm Sheffield Wednesday kick off away from home against Wigan Athletic. I wonder what the score will be.

I will be inviting Sheffield Wednesday fans to take a peep at today's page so I guess I had best explain a bit.

We run a series of music projects, taking music into the community to have fun, make people smile and support good causes. We fund our work by selling STUFF a two car boot sales each week-end. Throughout the season we will be taking some of the cash from the boot sales to sponsor the goals the boys score. Each week we will save up the cash then at the end of the month send it to Birmingham Childrens' Hospital, Sheffield Childrens' Hospital and Ward Five in Milton Keynes Hospital.

I am proud of my football club and proud there is far more to it than two goal posts with a bit of grass between them.

Let's go back to Black Lace again.  This time I want you to listen in particular to the verse where the Dambusters are featured.

There is a man in this picture I knew.

I began my teaching career at the age of nineteen as an unqualified PE and games master in a boys private school. One of those boys father was a Dambuster.

Mine is the first generation for many, many years that was not called to fight and to die for its country. 

I never knew him but my Uncle Billy, left, was killed on 8th March 1945 when his Lancaster Bomber was hit by enemy fire over Germany. He was just coming up to his 21st birthday.

My grandfather served in World War One and died an early death from tuberculosis he contracted
in the trenches.

His father's cousin won The Victoria Cross.

Every family in Britain will have people who fought and died for their country. They may not have a Dambuster within their numbers, they may not have a Victoria Cross holder but everyone is a credit
to our nation.

I get very angry when people disrespect our flag and all those who have their lives for it.

When we played the music at Bletchley Youth Centre's 50th Anniversary in the spring I became very angry when I was told to take down the Union Jack from the stage in case it offended anyone. 

Let's play the music again. This time look for the trombone bit.

When you play a piano your fingers hit a key and a note is produces, it is similar with the bagpipes. NOT SO WITH A TROMBONE. The musician has to move the slide to a specific position in order to produce the note. He needs his skill as a musician to know where to move the slide, too far or not far enough and the note will be out of tune.

Life is a bit like that isn't it ? Move the slide correctly and we have a beautiful world, get it wrong and we do not.

At the end of yesterday Josh and Jelena were both close to tears.

Eight months ago they were homeless and living in a tent. In February they moved into temporary accommodation provided by the local council. This week they moved into their own flat. On Tuesday it was an empty space. It is now full of love. Love from so many people who have given them so much to help start their new lives.

Josh likes Black Lace you know. Last week he played it on the car stereo at the boot sale, windows open and volume turned up LOUD.

We have a target to raise £200 at this week-end's boot sales.  Yesterday I was doubtful we would reach that figure but during the day so much STUFF poured in we are going to hit the target.  YEP WE WILL. The trombone will be perfectly in tune.

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