Tuesday, 21 August 2018

The Geriatric DJ

I began writing this daily blog on 15th December 2016. It was then called THE DIARY OF A SILLY OLD MAN.

Since 2016 there have been 613 pages and as of 5am today a total readership of 69,045.

When my daughter, Rebekah, died I changed the title to THE WAVE OF LOVE then more recently to LET'S INSPIRE. I am keeping the title but changing the slant of my writing and the content of these daily pages.

Ten o'clock tomorrow morning I start a training session in the studio of a local radio station. Fingers crossed I can quickly master the music desk and the surrounding technical bits and pieces so The Geriatric DJ can go live from 6am to 8am every Wednesday morning with a new show INSPIRE MK.

If that training session goes well and I pass out I am not sure if the first show will be on WEDNESDAY 29th August or a week later on WEDNESDAY 5th September.

I have written the playlist and script for that first programme, this will be the first song I play. At 5.19am as I type this new style page it's appropriate to play it here:

When I say I have written the script for my first show I mean I have made a series of notes around the tracks from which I plan to ad-lib my way through the two hours of the show.

For Cat Stevens and MORNING HAS BROKEN I have written WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO START THE DAY.... I am sure I will say a lot more than simply eight words.

In this image you can see The Milton Keynes Bowl. My friend Freddie played there.

YES, Freddie I do plan to play a lot of your music on my show,

I may be broadcasting on a Milton Keynes station but  by way of little invention called THE INTERNET I want to build a truly international audience.

We will rock all over the world.

You won't need to go to Specsavers in order to open your eyes to this beautiful world and the wonderful people who live here. I want to use music to inspire people not only in Milton Keynes but all round the world. I am busy lining up friends I know in America, Europe and Russia to tune in.

I want to wrap the music round inspirational stories and people. I want to inspire people to make this beautiful world even more beautiful.

Meet BEN.

Ben was found in a pile of rubbish awaiting his destruction and burial in a landfill tip.  A friend rescued him and now Ben is going to become an international radio star.

He will be in the studio for every show, helping me play the music and looking after studio guests.

I think I will allow Ben the odd moment on the microphone. Oh yes, he can speak !  It is very easy to be a ventriloquist on radio !

I need to get my feet under the desk LITERALLY and build up the audience for my show, I then want to have guests in
the studio - inspirational people who can lift the two hours on air to higher levels.  To quote The Lord High Executioner - I HAVE A LITTLE LIST !

This all depends, of course, on my passing the technical test in my training session tomorrow.

In my draft playlist and script for my first show I have a variety of fun and inspirational music to play - I have NOT included THE SOUND OF SILENCE which is all you will hear if I fail tomorrow morning !

The Geriatric DJ will go into retirement before he has played a single record.

I never do anything in half measure, you know me.  I am in the early stages talking to a second radio station where The Geriatric DJ will , hopefully, be presenting another show.

In December 2016 I began this blog as a bit of fun and intending to publish it at a future date in book form and make my fortune.

When my daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly on 17th May 2017 my family was surrounded with love. I changed the name of the blog to THE WAVE OF LOVE.  Surfing The Wave Of Love we generated support for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Rebekah's favourite charity.

A year after her death I changed the blog again to LET'S INSPIRE. I had great ambitions to use smiles and music to spread love and inspire people. I think those ambitions were a little bit to great, I simply failed to gather round me the strength of people to make them happen.  Changing the blog and working with one, perhaps two, radio stations I think WE - yes WE not me - can realise that ambition way beyond my wildest dreams.

Video will NOT be killing this radio star.  Hang on a bit, I am not a STAR yet and it is NOT the Geriatric DJ who needs to become the star but the programmes and the music inspiring listeners which will be the star.

YES, Freddie I know you have a song about radio. Oh go on, I'll play it for you !

I plan now to close down the OurRebekah and Radio Love websites I have run in support and in orbit of this blog.  I will be wrapping everything into a new website, a fan page NOT for the Geriatric DJ but for the MUSIC and the INSPIRATION within the shows.

This has been my life motto for about fifteen years...............

I hope that the music I play will help you dance your way through life ion this beautiful world of ours...................

I believe that life is also like a vinyl record - if it is not scratched and does not crackle a bit you are NOT living it properly.

So that's the plan.  Fingers crossed I pass my GCSE in radio broadcasting tomorrow morning.

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