Friday, 24 August 2018

Sleepy Joe


Did  pass my test at Radio CRMK yesterday ?

Did The Geriatric DJ win access to the microphone ready to launch his show on the world next week ?

YES and NO......

What kind of an answer is that ?

Another training session next Tuesday then, fingers crossed, I can rip up my L plates and start broadcasting at 6am on WEDNESDAY 29th August.

Anticipating I do indeed pass my test I plan to spend the next few days building my audience.

After playing a welcome jingle I will be pushing the fader up
at 6am on Wednesday 5th September to play this as the opening song on my second show.

It comes, of course, from the musical HAIR and the Hippie Movement.

I remember 1967 and The Summer Of Love well but I do think we tend to look back on that time through a pair of rose tinted glasses. Most of those looking back were not even born ! 

Trust me it was not quite the way people like to tell it.

But my second song now written into my play list for LET'S INSPIRE MK show two is exactly as it was told by Ken Dodd in the summer of 1964.

Ken left us in March but certainly left this world with a lot of happiness.

I am not sure, perhaps I should put Ken into third place on my playlist and make this at number two.

You will be able to listen to The Geriatric DJ and his show LET'S INSPIRE MK on podcast but listening live, I promise you, will be better - better by far. No room for Sleepy Joes in my audience.

Let me share a list of names - I hope none of these are SLEEPY JOES as all will be getting a mention in Show Number One next Wednesday:

Steve Chapman - Alma Kumate - Grace Papathimiu - My Wife Maureen - Gary Marling - My son Matthew - Tanya Hayward - Maggie Ryan - Libby Aston - David and Susan Hopkins, Graham Pengelley, Miriam Baldock, Alan King, John

To listen to CRMK all you have to do is to log in to and click on LISTEN.

The first two or three shows on CRMK will play my choice of music but I need quickly to change the word MY to YOUR. On Wednesday next week I will be playing the very first record I spent my pocket money on. In the second show I want to include YOUR first records so tell me what to play. Hit me up on FACEBOOK or drop me an e-mail:

It is widely claimed that Elvis Presley never came to England.

In the second show of LET'S INSPIRE MK I will reveal that Elvis did indeed come to Milton Keynes. I will share the evidence that he not only came to England but to Milton Keynes but you will have to wait until Wednesday 5th September to learn the truth.

The title of the show may be LET'S INSPIRE MK but I want you to take MK - Milton Keynes and put in there the name of the town, city or village where YOU live. Through a little invention called THE INTERNET you can listen to my show anywhere in the world !

I honestly believe that - life being a disco and the best way to live it is to dance.

How many people in Milton Keynes remember BEACON BRUSHES, a factory in Bletchley where Argos currently stands ? Beacon Brushes is long gone but Coronation Hall in Water Eaton is still there.

Back in the early 1970's I had a friend who worked at Beacon Brushes. The factory held its Christmas bash in Coronation Hall.  Goodness knows how I managed to allow myself to be persuaded to go along to the party - OH DEAR !  These days I guess if the event were held again I would be one of the oldest there but in 1972 I was one of the youngest !

This was in the early disco era but most of the music played came from the two previous decades. No matter what was played this aging couple took to the floor and tried to waltz !

Every time I drive past Coronation Hall or Argos in Bletchley I think of that man and his wife and have this song ringing in my head.

Next Wednesday and the Wednesday after I will be throwing out anecdotes like that. As the show develops I will be looking for those in Milton Keynes to share their memories with me and for those across the world to share their inspirational memories from where they live.

Another piece of music:

The closing theme from the BBC TV 19070's programme based on John LeCarre's book TINKER TAYLOR SOLDIER SPY.

QUESTION. Name the British actor who appeared in this production, was also in the recent Churchill, The Darkest Hour, Elephant Man and The Eagle Has Landed.

John Standing.

Recognise him ?

Standing is not his real name but a stage name. John told me the only time he uses his real name is on his passport. He is, of course, John LEON - Sir John Leon 4th Baronet.

John is a Facebook friend so when I pose that question in show number two I will message him and ask him to listen.

The LEON family only lived in Bletchley Park for a single generation yet the name LEON is all over South Milton Keynes and Bletchley  Park is internationally famous.

One last question. Almost, but not quite, the last song before I sign off and publish today's page.

No matter where you live who do you consider to be the most hard working local authority employees ?

In my youth they were called DUSTMEN. In politically correct terms they are REFUSE DISPOSAL OPERATIVES but to us all they are BIN MEN.

Where I live it is a case of BIN BAG THURSDAY. I watch these guys running between the houses gathering up the sacks, the level of hard work they put into what they are doing is to me an INSPIRATION.  I doubt I could keep up their pace for more than a very few minutes !

If I had control of local authority finances I would give them an immediate 50% pay rise.  Once I have the show running and my feet firmly under the DJ's desk I want to invite a series of inspirational guests into the studio, one of the first I want to be a local bin man.

In show number one I will talk about the very first record I spent my pocket money on.

In show two I want to play YOUR first records so please tell me so I plan them into the playlist.  Hit me up on FACEBOOK or drop me an e-mail:

Also in that first show next Wednesday I will talk about the first car I owned, a Triumph Herald registration LSS482D.

Tell me your first car so I can mention you and the car in my second show. Let's see which turns out to be the most popular. AGAIN - hit me up on FACEBOOK or drop me an e-mail:

WOW it's 8.18am I normally like to have the blog published before six o'clock- am I a SLEEPY JOE ?

Best leave it there I guess.

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