Monday, 27 August 2018

Not fantasy - I hope !

Every Wednesday bright and early The Geriatric DJ shares some inspirational stories past, present AND future, all wrapped in a delicious coating of the very best music.

That, of course, depends on my passing my final test run in the studio of CRMK this morning. If I do, indeed, pass out
you can tune in tomorrow and listen to my first show. If not then everything is just a fantasy.

It was on Saturday 24th June that I started writing my latest book, just over ten thousand words and yesterday I completed the first chapter.

The central character, Max, has an older brother who is a rock and roll star. In the first chapter teenager Max is following in the shadow of his famous brother until he breaks out and achieves fame for himself as a pirate radio disc jockey.

Young Max is sad that he has been unable to find love, he says he is a teenager not in love.

Rock Star Brother Jimmy wins a small part, a very small part, in the filming of Blue Hawaii. Even though he can not sing Max goes along with his brother. A friendship with the film's central character and jimmy finds himself miming in Elvis Presley's backing group.

Fame follows, Max becomes the Director of Music on pirate radio station, Radio Jolly Rodger, and he does become a teenager in love.

Julie is the love of his life and Julie's mother becomes the number on fan of Max and his Magic Microphone on Radio Jolly Roger.

The chapter concludes with another song from the rock and roll era.

I'll say no more about that first chapter, you can read the DRAFT version if you wish. CLICK HERE

DJ Max's career then moves from a ship anchored in the North Sea to California and San Francisco.  This is BEFORE the hippie movement and the 1967 Summer of Love.

This will be my 16th book to be published, yes I am an international author but I am NOT an international best selling author !

My books often have two things which feature in them.

There is usually a twist right at the end of the book, in my last novel to be published THE BRIDGE HOUSE that twist is there. Read it and see !

And there is always music in the plot.

It took me a year and a half to write The Bridge House. It has taken me two and a half months to write the first chapter of this latest book.

Back to today and the real Geriatric DJ..............

Fingers crossed, think of me at 10am in the radio studio then make sure you are up bright and early first thing tomorrow, tune in and listen. PROVIDING I pass my driving test I'll give the location of the station on the network so you can hear the music.

Well it's 6.11am so I had better click the mouse and publish today's blog.

Have a super day - REMEMBER - Life is a disco - SO DANCE !

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