Thursday, 9 August 2018

Miss Hudson's class

Miss Hudson's class, Banners Gate County Primary School, Sutton Coldfield 1958.

Can you recognise which of the little brats in the picture is Yours Truly ?

I hated school although Miss Hudson was one of my better teachers. Take a closer look and see if you can pick me out.

This was the number one hit record on my birthday that year.

The lad in the national health specs on the right was my best mate Jim.  Jim died of cancer a few years ago, too many cigarettes. On the same row, two places to the left, is Ian aka Buggs. He set up his own business as a funeral director and managed Jim's final resting.

There is another lad there in the picture who died aged nineteen of leukemia,  Poor kid never had a life.

Left hand side of the picture with his head level with Miss Hudson's breast is Graham. He became an internationally renounced economist, professor and vice chancellor of Aston University.

Have you worked out which is me ?

I spent two years in Miss Hudson's class. This was number one on my birthday the second year I was in her class.

No, I did not like my days at school. If you feel like it you can read my Schoolboy Autobiography CLICK HERE it will cost you the vast sum of £1.99 on Amazon.

Just checked my royalties page, I've sold 48 copies over the past month. 48 x £1.99 @10% commission WOW I have made £9.55.

Can't wait to spend it all !

So have you worked out which one is me ?  Here you go !

I may have turned into a hot and horny teenager but at eight years of age I was a horrible little snot wasn't I ?

Aged eight I dreamed of becoming a pop star. Not bad for someone who can not sing two consecutive notes in tune.

The Geriatric DJ can not sing !  Those of you who have been reading my latest book may wonder if I have given up writing. NO, it's just that there has been too much life happening. I'll get back to it before too long.

My career as a Geriatric DJ will move into a new direction later today when I meet with Radio CRMK, hopefully to be taken on to present two shows.

Within one I want to launch the community writing project I have discussed in the past with friends - LEGENDS OF A GREAT CITY.

Here's a song I really like. This was number one on my 17th birthday. OH I wish I was 17 again.

Taken yesterday here's a picture of three old folk. I am the one wearing the tee shirt. Sitting in my 94 year old Dad and trying hard to stand up is my 90 year old Mum.

It was my Mum who sorted out that old school photograph. Bless her.

Back to the writing.....

When Josh was rough sleeping and living in a tent I gave him a notebook and a pen. He started writing his life story. He and Jelena now, of course, have their own lovely home. Every night Josh sends me a text message wishing me a good night's sleep. Last night's text was longer than usual, he spoke about his autobiography - yes he is still writing it. I tell you when that is published on Amazon it is going to be a powerful read. He is pulling no punches as he tells the absolute truth, I do not think I would have the courage to reveal myself in such a way.

My story about The Geriatric DJ is fiction, Josh's autobiography is FACT. 

The award for the greatest fiction writing of all time goes, of course, to The BBC.


When I come back from spending time with Radio CRMK I will start to pack the car for tomorrow's car boot sale.

Every time I check the BBC's weather page the fiction changes.

The current fiction says tomorrow will be fine and sunny. Sunday fine and sunny  but also raining !

5.03am, I am looking out of the window at a dawn with a clear sky. Check the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation's
website and it says it is raining right now !

When I was that horrible little eight year old brat I do not ever remember it raining. I do remember, however, it snowing.

Shssssh !

If The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation hears that it will probably forecast a blizzard for tomorrows car boot sale !

No, I don't think that even the lies of the BBC could make it snow in August.

I do like Wet, Wet, Wet but PLEASE can it be DRY, DRY, DRY tomorrow and Sunday.

So 5.11am this is The Geriatric DJ and that horrible little brat
from Miss Hudson's class of 1958 signing off and wishing you a great Friday.


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